chapter 8 part 2

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  1. intubation devices...
    • -endotracheal tube (EET)
    • -Esophageal comitube (ETC)
    • -pharyngo-tracheal lumen airway (PtL)
    • -Laryngeal mask airway (LMA)
    • -esophageal gastric tube (EGTA)
    • -esophageal obturator (EOA)
  2. pharyngo-tracheal lumen airway...
    a dual-lumen airway system
  3. laryngeal mask airway...
    airway with an inflatable distal end that masks the laryngeal opening
  4. needle cricothyrotomy...
    surgical airway technique that inserts a 14-gauge needle into the trachea at the cricothyroid membrane
  5. open cricothyrotomy...
    surgical airway technique that places an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube directly into the trachea through a surgical incision at the cricothyroid membrane
  6. stenosis...
    narrowing or constriction
  7. barotrauma...
    injury caused by pressure within an enclosed space
  8. stoma...
    opening in the anterior neck that connects the trachea with ambient air
  9. suction...
    to remove with a vacuum-type device
  10. high-pressure regulator...
    regulator used to transfer oxygen at high pressures from tank to tank
  11. therapy regulator...
    pressure regulator used for delivering oxygen to patients
  12. nasal cannula...
    catheter placed at the nostril

    -optimal oxygen supplementation of up to 40 percent at 6 L/min
  13. venturi mask...
    high-flow face mask that uses a venturi system to deliver relatively precise oxygen concentrations

    -particularly useful to COPD patients, who benefit from careful control of inspired oxygen concentration
  14. bag-valve-mask...
    ventilation device consisting of a self-inflating bag with two one-way valves and a transparent plastic face mask
  15. demand valve mask...
    a ventilation device that is manually operated by a push button or lever
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