Spanish chapter 7 verbs

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  1. añorar
    to long for
  2. extrañar/ echar de menos
    to miss
  3. irse
    to leave
  4. mundarse
    to move
  5. olvidar
    to forget
  6. olvidarse de
    to forget about
  7. regresar
    to return
  8. acomodar
    to accommodate, to arrange
  9. alquilar
    to rent
  10. cargar
    to load
  11. desempacar
    to unpack
  12. envolver (ue)
    to wrap
  13. guardar
    to store
  14. marcar
    to label
  15. transladarse
    to relocate
  16. convenir(ie,i)
    to suit/ to be suitable *
  17. disgustar
    to displace *
  18. doler (ue
    to hurt, to ache *
  19. encantar
    to like very much*
  20. faltar
    to lack, to need, to be missing *
  21. fascinar
    to be facinated *
  22. hacer falta
    to lack , to need,to be missed *
  23. importar
    to matter, to be important*
  24. interesar
    to interest, to be interested*
  25. molestar
    to bother *
  26. parecar
    to seem (like), to appear*
  27. preocupar
    to worry, to be worried about*
  28. quedar
    to remain, to be left*
  29. tocar
    to be one's turn, to be obligated*

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Spanish chapter 7 verbs
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Spanish chapter verbs

Spanish chapter 7 verbs
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