Ch 12

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Ch 12
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Chapter vocab

Vocabulary for chapter 12
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  1. candidate centered politics
    Politics that focuses on the candidates, their particular issues, and character rather than party affiliation.
  2. critical election
    An election that signals a party realignment through voter polarization around new issues and personalities.
  3. national convention
    A party meeting held in the presidential year for the purposes of nominating a presidential and vice presidential ticket and adopting a platform.
  4. superdelegate
    Delegate to the democratic party's national convention that is reserved for a party official and whose vota at the convention is unpledged to a candidate.
  5. national party platform
    a statement of the general and specific philosophy and policy goals of a political party, usually promulgated at the national convention.
  6. party identification
    A citizen's personal affinity for a political party, usually expressed by a tendency to vote for the candidates of that party.
  7. proportional representation
    a voting system that apportions legislative seats according to the percentage of the vote won by a particular political party.
  8. winner-take-all system
    An electoral system in which the party that receives at least one more vote than any other party wins the election.