Chapter 13

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  1. electorate
    the citizens eligible to vote.
  2. mandate
    A command, indicated by an electorate's votes, for the elected officials to carry out a party platform or policy agenda.
  3. primary election
    Election in which voters decide which of the candidates within a party will represent the party in the general election.
  4. closed primary
    a primary election in which only a party's registered voters are eligible to cast a ballot.
  5. open primary
    a primary election in which party members, independents, and sometimes members of the other party are allowed to participate.
  6. runoff primary
    A second primary election between the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes in the first primary.
  7. general election
    Election in which voters decide which candidates will actually fill elective public affairs.
  8. recall
    An election in which voters can remove an imcumbent from office prior to the next scheduled election.
  9. front-loading
    The tendency of states to choose an early date on the nomination calendar.
  10. electoral college
    Representatives of each state who cast he final ballots that actually elect a president.
  11. elector
    Member of the Electoral College.
  12. incumbency
    Currently holding an office.
  13. midterm election
    An election that takes place in the middle of a presidential term.
  14. ticket-splitting
    Voting for candidates of different parties for various offices in the same election.
  15. retrospective judgment
    A voter's evaluation of of a candidate based on past performance on a particular issue.
  16. prospectice judgment
    A voter's evaluation of a candidate based on what he or she pledges to do about an issue if elected.
  17. turnout
    The proportion of the voting-age public that casts a ballot.
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