Chapter 30 plants

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  1. 2 distinguishing characteristics of a vascular seed plant.
    gymnosperms: naked seed plants, including the conifers

    Angiosperms: flowering plants
  2. List and distinguish amoung the four phyla of gymnosperms.
    • Cycadophyta (cycads)
    • Gingkophyta (ginkos)
    • Gnetophyta
    • Coniferophyta (conifer)
  3. Life cycle of a pine
  4. Anatomy of a flower
  5. Explain how fruits may be adapted to disperse.
    • 1) wings enable maple fruits to be easily carried by the wind.
    • 2) seeds within berries and often dispersed in animal feces.
    • 3) The barbs of cockleburs faciliate seed dispersal by allowing the fruits to "hitchhike" on animals.
  6. describe the current threat to plant diversity caused by human population growth and explain why plant diversity may be considered a non renewable resource.
    Humans depend on seed plants for food, wood, and many medicines.

    Destruction of habitat threatens the extinction of many plant species and the animal species they support.

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