MEM 1151 Test 2 Review

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  1. Give some examples of a global company
    • Boeing
    • Benetton
    • Sony
    • Coleco
  2. List the 3 Global Operations Management issues
    • Supply chain management
    • Location decisions
    • Materials Management/Logistics
  3. What topics go into supply chain management?
    • Sourcing
    • Vertical Integration
    • Make or buy decisions
    • Partnering
  4. What goes into Location Decisions
    • Country-related issues
    • Product-related issues
    • Political Risk/Government Policy
    • Organizational Issues
  5. What goes into Materials Management/Logistics
    • Flow of Materials
    • Transportation options and speed
    • Inventory level
    • packaging
    • storage
  6. This engages in cross-border transactions
    International Business
  7. This has extensive involvement in international business and owns facilities in more than one country
    Multinational Corporation
  8. This integrates operations from different countries and views the world as a single marketplace
    Global Economy
  9. These seek to combine the benefits of global-scale efficiencies with the benefits of local responsiveness
    Transnational Companies
  10. What are some reasons to globalize?
    • Reduce costs (labor, taxes, tariffs)
    • Reduce risks (foreign exchange)
    • Improve supply chain
    • Provide better goods and services
    • Attract new markets
    • Learn to improve operations
    • Attract and retain global talent
  11. What do you have to think about when dealing with global product designs?
    Social and cultural differences..Packaging and marketing must fit the domestic area
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