psych 230 exam 4 chapter 15

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psych 230 exam 4 chapter 15
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psych exam chapter

psych 230 exam 4 chapter 15
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  1. Social clock
    records major milestones in persons life, influenced by social norms
  2. Erikson's theory: stage 6 (intamacy vs isolation)
    early adulthood, focused on developing close relationships, find partner and begin family
  3. Stimulus value role theory: stimulus stage
    occurs with first meeting, inital judgements made
  4. stimulus value role theory: value stage
    2nd-7th encounter, focus on similarites, compatability
  5. stimulus value role theory: Role stage
    relationship built on specific roles
  6. compationate love
    involves intamacy, deep caring
  7. Passionate love
    physical attraction, powerful absorbsion in someone
  8. Sternbergs triangle theory of love: Intamacy
    likeing, feeling of closeness, sharing of activites, thoughts, feelings
  9. Sternbergs triangle theory of love: Passion
    Physical attractiveness, arousel, sexual behavior, infaturated love
  10. Sternbergs triangle theory of love: decision/commitment
    decision of being in love, commitment to maintain love, empty love
  11. passionate love may be experienced when there is
    intense physiological arousel, situational cues that may indicate love