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  1. Psychotherapy def
    art and science of using human relationships, conversations, and interation to ameliorate distress and effect change
  2. Psychotherapies: Directive, Evocative
    • Directive: directly at symptoms, instructions to reduce/change probl
    • Evocative: growth and dev of whole person-> underlying personality change and symptoms will secondarily change
  3. Psychoanalysis
    • Oldest, long time
    • Freud: every1 has unconscious aspects, managed with defenses
    • Janet and Harcot, hypnosis
  4. Psycholanalytic therapy (psychodynamic psychotherapy)
    • more focused and integrates supportive, affirming techniques
    • not as long
  5. BEHAVIOR Therap
    • DIRECTLY influencin observable behavior
    • Joseph Wolpe: systematic desensitization
  6. Joseph Wolf
    systematic desensitization
  7. Cognitive Therap
    ID maladaptive and unreasonable ideas-> as a result affecting behavior and mood

    automatic thoughts, maladaptice assumptions
  8. Interpersonal Pscycotherapy (IPT)
    • Klerman & Weissman
    • Harry Stack Sullivan: interpersonal school
    • have 1/4 problems:
    • 1. unresolved grief: help mourn
    • 2. social role disputes: help communicate
    • 3. social role transition: modify expectations
    • 4. interperonal deficity: help dec social isolation
  9. Family/Couple Therap
    • Family System Theory (Bowen Model): enmeshment v. austonomy (love traingle)
    • General Systems Model: uncover internal rules, roles of each fam memb
    • Psychodynamic Model: uncoscious patterns of anxiety and defense rooted in past
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