6th Grade Story Problems

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  1. Uncle Henry was driving to Halifax when he spotted a big green gorilla on the side of the road. He screeched to a stop, jumped out of his car. He saw the outline of a number on the gorilla. He couldn't quite see the number, but he knew it was a 4 digit number. And:
    1) He remembered seeing a number 1.
    2) In the hundred's place he remembers the number is 3 times the number in the thousand's place.
    3) He said the number in the one's place is 4 times the number in the ten's place.
    4) Finally he said the number 2 is sitting in the thousand's place.What is the number?
    Need A Hint?
  2. Elmer Fudd decided to grow a garden so he could make salad. He wants to make it 10.1 m long and 4.2 m wide. However, in order to avoid Bugs Bunny from entering his garden he must make a fence surrounding the garden. He decides to make the fence 11.2 m long and 5.0 m wide. What is the area between the fence and the garden?
    13.58 m squared
  3. Jenny bought 7 t-shirts, one for each of her seven brothers, for $9.95 each. The cashier charged her an additional $13.07 in sales tax. She left the store with a measely $7.28. How much money did Jenny start with?
  4. Dave gave Charlotte half of his pogs. Charlotte gave Johnnie half of the pogs she received from Dave. Johnnie kept 8 of those pogs and gave the remaining 10 to Dana. How many pogs did Dave give Charlotte?
    36 pogs
  5. On an average day, Canadians spend $958904.00 buying video games. Of this total $767123.00 is spent on Nintendo games. In one week how much do Canadians spend on Nintendo Games. How much do they spend on other video games in a week?
    7*958904 = 6712328 7*767123 = 5369861 <- Nintendo $1,342467 <- Others
  6. The average monthly rainfall for 6 months was 28.5 mm. If it had rained 1mm more each month what would the average have been? By how much would the total have been increased in six months and by how much would average have been increased per month?
    28.5 mm + 6mm/6 months = 29.5 mm. The total rainfall has been increased by 6 mm in six months and the average has been increased by 1 mm per month.
  7. I am an atronomer and my camera lens is 1.372m across. My friend George is a spy and he has a camera lens of 2.9cm across. My aunt Marie is a surgeon and she has a lens 1.5cm across.
    1) How many more metres across is my camera lens than Marie's?
    2) How many fewer metres across is Marie's camera lens than George's?
    3) Around how many of George's camera lens' would fit across mine?
    1.372m 2.9 cm = 0.02m 1.372m - 0.029m = 1.343 m It is 1.343 m greater than Marie's. 2) 0.029m - 0.015m = 0.014m Marie's camera is 0.014m less than George's 3) 1.372/0.029 = 47.3 -> 47 would fit across mine
  8. If you are given the following questions: How many Russian rubles can you buy with $300.00 Canadian? What other information do you need in order to solve the problem?
    You need to know the exchange rate. How many rubles you can get per one Canadian dollar?
    So if the question now reads, "How many Russian rubles can you buy with $300.00 Canadian knowing the exchange rate of 20 rubles/Canadian dollar. What would be your answer?
    $300.00*20 rubles/$1 = 6000 rubles.
  9. Jill was given 3 red candies, 2 blue candies and 2 yellow candies. Use several ratios to describe the candies Jill has.
    • 3 red : 2 blue
    • 5 red and blue : 2 yellow
    • 3 red : 7 candy.
  10. a) Mr. Mason asked the children to open their math books to the facing pages whose page numbers add up to 85. To which pages should the children turn?
    Mark accidentally tore out a page of his math book. Mr. Mason asked him what page it was. Mark said that the sum of the page numbers on the facing pages was 127. What are the page numbers on the pages Mark tore out of the book?
    a) 43 + 42 = 85 They should turn to page 43 and 42.b) 63 and 64.
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