PSYC 601 First Section

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PSYC 601 First Section
2011-04-29 15:40:26
psychology law

First section of class
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  1. factor 1 of psychopathy
    Feelings & relationships: glibness, grandiose, deceitful, lack of remorse, shallow emotions, lack of empathy
  2. factor 2 of psychopathy
    Behavior & control: need for excitement, poor behavioral controls, early behavior problems, impulsive, irresponsible
  3. goal-oriented aggression
    instrumental aggression
  4. hostile and a response to perceived provocation
    reactive aggression
  5. believing that other people want to do you wrong
    hostile attribution bias
  6. see the world as a dangerous place where if you don't fight for yourself no one else will
    hostile world bias
  7. based on experience and judgment; not very good
    clinical prediction
  8. based on formulas and statistics
    actuarial prediction
  9. based on specific info about a person's behaviors in the past
    anamnestic prediction
  10. high psychosis=low violence because:
    too disorganized to carry out intentions; treatment/confinement gets imposed; other ppl avoid them
  11. delusions of a significant other being taken over by an imposter
    Capgras delusion
  12. the delusion of being threatened and controlled by outside forces, which overrides internal controls
    threat control override delusions