Lesson 8

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  1. love
    ai4 qing2
  2. to be greatly starled (at...)
    da4 chi1 yi4 jing1
  3. viewpoint, view, opinion
    kan4 fa3
  4. unexpectedly, actually
  5. follow one's convenience, casual, not serious
    sui2 bian4
  6. to agree
    tong2 yi4
  7. to kill people
    sha1 ren2
  8. from my point of view
    zai4 wo3 kan4 lai2
  9. the mother's body
    mu3 ti3
  10. fetus
    tai1 er2
  11. physical life
    sheng1 ming4
  12. any
    ren4 he2
  13. to continue to live
    huo2 xia4 qu4
  14. rights
    quan2 li4
  15. even
    jiu4 shi4
  16. an exception
    li4 wai4
  17. in other words
    huan4 yi2 ju4 hua4 shuo1
  18. measure word for speech
  19. thoughtlessly, casually
    sui2 yi4
  20. kill
    sha hai4
  21. to express, to manifest
    biao3 shi4
  22. to understand, to comprehend
    li3 ji3
  23. to remind, to warn
    ti2 xing3
  24. hardworking, diligent
    nu3 li4
  25. to establish
    jian4 li4
  26. happy, fortunate
    xing4 fu2
  27. family unit
    jia1 ting2
  28. responsibility
    ze2 ren4
  29. concept, idea
    guan1 nian4
  30. in
    zai4... zhong1
  31. to look for excitement
    zhao3 ci4 ji1
  32. excetement, stimulation, exciting
    ci4 ji1
  33. to make love
    zuo4 ai4
  34. to consider oneslef as
    zi4 ren4
  35. conservative
    bao3 shou3
  36. to be worthwhile
    zhi2 de
  37. to consult
    can1 kao3
  38. part, aspect
    di4 fang1
  39. to urge, exhort, persuade, disuade
  40. concerning, about
    guan1 yu2
  41. to have an opinon
    you3 yi4 jian4
  42. learning, erudition
    xue2 shi4
  43. moral character
    ren2 pin3
  44. cannot avoid, it's inevitable that
    mian3 bu4 liao3
  45. in the futrure
    jian1 lai2
  46. color of the skin
    fu1 se4
  47. language
    yu3 yan2
  48. and
  49. culture
    wen2 hua4
  50. background
    bei4 jing3
  51. difference
    cha1 yi4
  52. society
    she4 hui4
  53. to be discriminated
    shou4 dao4 qi2 shi4
  54. to think over, to ponder, to take into consideration
    kao3 lu4

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Lesson 8
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