Spanish Verbs O-UE

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  1. acordarde
    to remember
  2. acostar
    to put to bed
  3. acostarse
    to go to bed
  4. almorzar
    to eat lunch
  5. aprobar
    to pass/improve
  6. costar
    to cost
  7. colgar
    to hang
  8. demostrar
    to demonstrate
  9. devolver
    to return/to give back
  10. disolver
    to dissolve
  11. doler
    to hurt
  12. dormir
    to sleep
  13. dormirse
    to fall asleep
  14. encontrar
    to meet
  15. hallar
    to find out
  16. jugar
    to play
  17. llover
    to rain
  18. envolver
    to wrap
  19. morder
    to bite
  20. morir
    to die
  21. mostrat
    to show
  22. mover
    to move
  23. oler (huel-)
    to smell
  24. probar
    to taste/to test/to prove
  25. recordar
    to remember
  26. reprobar
    to fail (a test)
  27. resolver
    to resolve
  28. rogar
    to beg
  29. soler
    to be accustomed to
  30. sonar
    to sound
  31. soñar
    to dream
  32. volar
    to fly
  33. volver
    to return

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