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  1. The Hundred Days
    Began March 1933. First one hundred days of roosevelt's presidency. he cut federal spending on slaries and pensions(Economy Act). Created the CCC and TVA in order to create jobs. Also started the AAA wich paid farmers not to grow. asked for repeal of prohibition. led to questions about the role of goverment and helped kick start the economy.
  2. Court Packing Plan
    1937 There was some public resentment agaisnt the "nine old men" on the supreme Court that had overturned two of New Deal programs. Scechter overturned NRA and Butler overturned the tax basis for the AAA. The plan called for roosevelt to appoint a new justice for any justice over 70 who did not retire.Viewed as threat to Democracy and maked the decline of the New Deal
  3. Pearl Harbor
    DEC 7 1941By 1920-30s jappan was increasingly viewed as a threat to american and european interests in asia. American public opinion heavily against war even after the panay incident( an american gunboat doing intellingence sunk by japs) in 1937. The japanese occupation of indo-china led to an US embargo of scrap iron and steel by 1940-41. rumors of an attack begin in october-nov 1941. Most beleive will take place on the philipines. around 19 ships sunk/damaged, 170 planes destroyed, 2400 service men killed in pearl Harbor. the plan was designed by Yamamoto stayed out of shipping lanes and had radio silence and a mock up of pearl harbor for practice. they missed the carriers, hit only few oil tanks, and repair facilities. Hitler believing japan couldnt lose declared war on US. led to US involment in ww2
  4. operation "Barbarossa"
    Hitlers invasion of russia in 1941. broke pact he had made with them 2 years earlier. leads directly to a 2 front war which germany isnt equipped to win. hitler expected quick victory in east. frederick barbarossa was a mythic figure for germans.
  5. Battle of stalingrad
    key turningpoint 1942-43.7 month seige. is a siege within a siege. germans trying to get to middle east by vulga river(like our mississipe. half million germans lost. 1.1 million soviets lost. germans begin retreat back lose eastern front.
  6. Brown v. Board of Education
    topeka kansas 1954 thurgood Marshall led the NaACP team. overturned plessy v. ferguson. takes untill 1968 . led to creation of white citizen's councils legitamcy confered to CRM, but not jackpot they were looking for.
  7. The Montgomery Bus Boycott
    followed the arrest of Rosa parks. lasted from DEC1955 to Dec1956. in nov 1956 state and local laws segragating buses found unconstitutional. MLK jr became well known leader for first time.
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