flight chap 7

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  1. AROW stands for what?
    • airworthiness certificate: certificate from the factory
    • registration certificate: listing the current owner, found on the door
    • operating limitations: in the Flight Manual, placards in the cockpit, instrument markings
    • weight and balance: found in the Pilots Operating Handbook
  2. POH and IM stand for?
    • Pilot's Operating Handbook and Information Manual.
    • The IM contains all the generic information in the POH.
    • The POH is the flight manual for a specific airplane. The POH must be onboard to be legal.
  3. What 3 VFR flight instruments must be installed and operating to consider the Skyhawk airworthy?
    • the altimeter
    • the airspeed indicator
    • the magnetic compass
  4. What 4 VFR engine instruments must be installed and operating to consider the Skyhawk airworthy?
    • the tachometer
    • the oil pressure guage
    • the oil pressue temperature gauge
    • the fuel gauge
  5. The aircraft annual exam must be performed every how many calendar months?
    • 12
    • eg if your Skyhawk had it's last annual on July 9, it's next one is due by July 31st of next year.
  6. The 100 hour inspection needs to be done according to the tach. How much time can you exceed this by to ferry your aircraft somewhere where it can be inspected?
    10 hours

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Airplane Legalities and Limitations: Summary of important points for Chapter 7, Cleared for Takeoff
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