OH 103

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  1. Cotinus coggygria
    Purple smoke tree

    Deciduous small tree or large shrub

    Oval leaves, alternate, simple, entire.


    Inflourescence is a terminal panicle
  2. Pistacia chinensis
    Chinese Pistache

    Decidous tree

    Leaves are alternate, and even pinnate

    Terminal panicle
  3. Pistachia x 'Red Push'
    Red Push Pistache

    • Hybrid between
    • P. atlantica and P. integerrima.

    Compound leaves have 10-16 leaflets with a red tint when they first imerge.
  4. Rhus lancea
    African Sumac

    Evergreen tree, multiple trunk, rapid growth rate.

    Leaves are trifoliate and dark green
  5. Rhus microphylla
    Little leaf Sumac

    Looks similar to the Gambelii Oak

    Tiny leaves on a large shrub.
  6. Lagerstroemia indica
    Crape Myrtle

    Large tree with typically beautifully colored bark.
  7. Melia azedarach
    Chinaberry tree

    Dennis and Bob have this tree.

    Deciduous tree with rapid growth.

    Dark green, bipinnate leaves are 2-3 feet long. With many narrow toothed leaflets
  8. Populus fremontii
    Fremont's cottonwood

    Large deciduous tree with a flat top. Fast growth and quickly gain a thick trunk and branches.

    Leaves flutter in the wind similar to aspen trees.

    Produces large puffs of cottony fibers that litter the lawn.

    Large gulles

    Heart/hastate toothed leaves
  9. Koelreuteria bipinnata
    Chinese flame tree

    Very large bipinnate compound leaves

    yellow flowers are followed by latern shaped fruit.
  10. Koelreuteria paniculata
    Golden rain tree

    • slighty bipinnate/pinnate slightly lobed leaves.
    • flowers in panicles
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