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  1. Describe the Law of the Lid
    Your leadership ability always determines your effectiveness and the potential impact of your organization.
  2. Describe Success without Leadership.
    It is possible. But the product of this is very small compared to leadership skills coupled with success and dedication. Leadership increases effectiveness exponentially.
  3. How would you change the direction of an organization?
    Change the leader. If the leader's leadership lid is low, so is the organizations. Whenever trouble comes, people always look to replace the current leader with a better one.
  4. Law of Influence
    If you don't have influence, you will never be able to lead others.

    Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.
  5. True leadership cannot be...
    Awarded, appointed, or assigned. It comes only from influence and must be earned.
  6. What are the 5 myths about Leadership?
    • The Management Myth
    • The Entrepreneur Myth
    • The Knowledge Myth
    • The Pioneer Myth
    • The Position Myth
  7. What is the Management Myth?
    The myth is that leading and managing are one in the same.

    The truth is that leading is influencing people and managing is the maintenance of systems and processes.
  8. What is the Entrepreneur Myth?
    Assuming all entrepreneurs are leaders. They see opportunities for growth and go after them, but they aren't necessarily people people or are they good at leading people.
  9. What is the Knowledge Myth?
    That being smart makes you a good leader.

    Truth: Neither IQ nor Education necessarily equates to good leadership skills.
  10. What is the Pioneer Myth?
    Being the first makes you a leader.

    Truth: To be a leader, people must follow you. Merely walking ahead isn't leading, its just walking.
  11. What is the Position Myth?
    Leadership abilities are based on position.

    It's not the position that makes the leader, it's the leader that makes the position.
  12. What are some factors of leadership that affect a persons ability to lead?
    • Character - Who They Are
    • Relationships - Who They Know
    • Knowledge - What They Know
    • Intuition - What They Feel
    • Experience - Where They've Been
    • Past Success - What They've Done
    • Ability - What They Can Do
  13. Character Factor of Leadership
    True leadership begins with the inner person. People can sense the depth of your character
  14. Relationships Factor of Leadership
    A leader has to have followers and followers are made through the development of relationships. The deeper the better.
  15. Knowledge Factor of Leadership
    Information is vital to a leader. Knowledge alone won't make a leader, but without it one cannot lead.
  16. Intuition Factor of Leadership
    Leaders seek to recognize and influence intangibles such as energy, morale, timing, and momentum.
  17. Experience Factor of Leadership
    The greater challanges you've had in the past will help followers respect and give you a chance. This will help you prove your capability to your followers.
  18. Past Success Factor of Leadership
    A good track record will encourange potential followers to back you.
  19. Ability Factor of Leadership
    What you are capable of. Your followers want to know if you will be able to lead them.
  20. What is leadership without leverage?
    A leadership position that is mostly about volunteering. There isn't rank or position to help you lead others. This form of leadership requires a maximum amount of influence from you and respect from your followers.
  21. What are the Phases of Leadership Growth?
    • I Don't Know What I Don't Know
    • I Know That I Need to Know
    • I Know What I Don't Know
    • I Know and Grow, and It Starts to Show
    • I Simply Go Because of What I Know
  22. Describe the "I Don't Know What I Don't Know" Phase of Leadership Growth
    Most people don't recognize the value of leadership, or that they can be leaders themselves. They think its for people in the leadership positions or that already view themselves as leaders.
  23. Describe the "I Know That I Need to Know" Phase of Leadership Growth
    Finding out that one needs to start learning how to be a leader. Most of the time one finds this out when they are put in a leadership position, but have no idea how to be a leader.
  24. Describe the "I Know What I Don't Know" Phase of Leadership Growth.
    Figuring out how leadership is going to help you grow and help you be successful in life. One starts to ask other leaders about skills and development and begins to notice where they need the most work.
  25. Describe the "I Know and Grow, and it Starts to Show" Phase of Leadership Growth.
    You work on growing daily and are always willing to learn. You notice that your abilities are starting to grow and others ask you questions and more and more people follow you. You know that leadership is an everyday process that takes a long time, but it is well worth it.
  26. Describe the "I Simply Go Because of What I Know" Phase of Leadership Growth.
    Your ability to lead become automatic. You no longer have to think about every move, it's all instinct at this point. People naturally follow you and you naturally lead and influence them every day.
  27. Describe the Law of Process
    Leadership is a skill that isn't done or learned overnight. It is a process, not an event. A process is ongoing at all times and you must be learning and engaging yourself in order to grow.
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