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  1. Epidermis characteristics
    • -avascular (nutrition from dermal capillaries)
    • -from keratinocytes
    • -cells progress from stratum basale to stratum corneum in 4 weeks
  2. Dermis characteristics
    • connective tissue divided into 2 regions
    • a) papillary: many capillaries, supply nutrition to dermis and epidermis
    • b) reticular: strong structure for skin, collagen bundles woven together along elastic fibers, fibroblasts, macrophages
  3. Subcutaneous tissue characteristics
    lipids in fat cells mostly
  4. Skin appendages
    epidermal in origin, can extend into dermis

    eg. hair, nails, cutaneous glands
  5. Sebaceous gland
    • part of pilosebaceous unit, produce sebum secreted ito hair follicle via sebaceous duct covers ksin surface(protective fn)
    • sebum = antifungal

    Found on all skin surface, except palms and soles
  6. Apocrine sweat gland
    Apocrine duct empties into hair fllicle above sebaceous gland

    -location:axillae, perineum

    -fn: produce scent
  7. Eccrine sweat gland
    NOT part of pilosebaceous unit

    Found over entire skin surface except lips, nail beds, glans penis

    Fn: temperature regulation via secretion of sweat to cool skin surface.
  8. Fn of Skin (4)
    • Protection
    • -barrier to insults (UVL, Mech, chem)

    • Thermal
    • -keeps body temp regulation

    • Sensation
    • -touch, pain, temp sensation

    • Metabolic function
    • -Vit D synthesis
    • -energy storage (form of TG)
  9. Purpura
    extravasation of blood into dermis...hemorrhagic lesion


    • Petechiae: small pinpt purpura
    • Ecchymoses: large flat purpura, 'brusie'
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