Juvenile Delinquency

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  1. According to ______ women who commit crime have biological and psychological traits similar to men
    Masculinity hypothesis
  2. which of the following statements is true concerning gender socializing and aggression
    Girls are more passive aggressive
  3. There are some neurological differences between males and females; Females are ______ brain oriented while males are ____________
  4. According to Bem's _________ our culture polarizes males and females by forcing them to obey mutually exclusive gender roles
    Gender-schema theory
  5. In 2008 of the 900 juveniles arrested for mmurder only __________ were female
  6. Cyril Burt
    linked female delinquency to menstration
  7. With the publication in 1895 of his book the female offender ______ extended his work on criminality to females
    Ceaser Lombroso
  8. According to _______ female criminality is overlooked or forgiven by males in the criminal justice system
    Chivalry Hypothesis
  9. Frued contends that females suffer from
    penis envy
  10. according to the ____ females first used their sexual charms to instegate crime and beguile males in the criminal justice system to get prefential treatment
    chivalry hypothesis
  11. girls who reach puberty at an earlier age were viewed as being a higher risk for delinquency because _______
    it was sympotomstic of maladjustment
  12. according to some ______ theorists gender differecences in the delinquency rate can be explained by in born differences in aggression
  13. in a 1928 work the unadjusted girl WI thomas suggested that some girls that have not been socialized under the middle class family controls can become _____
    implusive thrill seekers
  14. according to ____ female delinquency is linked to the wish for luxury and excitement
  15. In her study of gang girls in east l.a. moore found that close to _____% of the girls she interviewed were afraid of their fathers
  16. according to liberal feminist increasing female offending patterns are caused by_______
    the same things as male criminality
  17. Adler argued that female delinquency could be affected by ________
    the changing role of women
  18. according to the________ feminist view male explotation acts as a trigger for female delinquency behavior
  19. which of the following social thinkers is not closely associated with biological explantions of delinquency
  20. In _____ families fathers are the bread winners and mothers stay at home or have minial jobs
  21. according to ____ theory gender differences in delinquency rates are a function of class differences that influences family life
    power control
  22. Which of the following families is most likely to produce daughters whose law violating behavior mirror those of thier brothers
  23. which of the following children is most likely to live in a 2 parent house hold (race)
  24. About 90% of daycare providers _______-
    operate underground
  25. What % of american children currently live in poverty
  26. according to the text there are 4 catagories of family dysfunction Which of the following is not one
    family breakup, conflict, ineffectiveness,deviance
  27. which of the following best describes a blended family
    homes in which 1 or both parents are absent due to divorce or sepreation
  28. a study of more that 4000 youths in denver, pittsburg, and rochester found that the more often a child is forced to go through family transition____
    the more likely they are to engage in delinquent activity
  29. Large families may suffer from _____ when reasources are spread too thin
    reasource dilution
  30. Which of the following is not 1 of the factors presented in the text as playing a role in intergenerational deviance
    genetic factors, substance abuse, parenting skills, stigma
  31. _____ refers to deprivations children suffer at the hands of their parents such as lack of food, shelter, and health care
  32. ____________ is manifested by the constant criticism and rejection of the child by the parents
    emotional abuse
  33. psychologists suggest that maltreatment encourages children to use ________ as a means of solving problems and prevents them from feeling empathy for others
  34. a ________ is a lawyer appointed by the court to look after the interest who do not have the capacity to assert their own rights
    ad litem
  35. in __________ the supreme court ruled that the due process clause of the constitution protects against government interfences with certain fundamental rights and liberty movement including parents right to make decisions concerning their children
    troxel vs granville
  36. during a ____ the court reviews the facts of the case determines whether removal of the child from the home is justified and notifys parents of the charges against them
    advisement hearing
  37. at the ______ the attorney for the social service agency presents an overview for the case and evidence
    pretrial conference
  38. at the __________ the social service agency presents its case for which include visitation, services and other conditions of agreements
    dispostioning hearing
  39. it is estimated that about ___ out of every 100 child abuse or neglect cases reaches the trial stage
  40. Many states use the ______ approach to accomadate the parents natural right to control their children and the childs right to grow up free from harm
    balancing-of-interests approach
  41. _________ are periodically held to determine if the conditions of the case plan are being met
    review hearings
  42. States have relaxed their laws of evidence to allow out of court statements by the child to a social worker teacher or the parole officer to be used as evidence such statements would otherwise be considered
  43. In __________ the court relied that one way CCTV could serve as the equivilent of in court testimony and would not interfere with the defendents right to confront witnessses
    Maryland v craig
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