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  1. Relief, Recovery, Reform
    Fdr's plan to get out of the depression. Formed the Securities and Exchange Commision, Wagner act, and Social security to help. by 1936 industrial production had doubled.
  2. CCC/TVA
    • Civil Conservation Corps: put people to work to benifit society
    • Tennessee Valley Authority: cheap electricity for those who didnt have it
  3. NRA/SEC
    • National Recovery Agency: gave labor unions right to negotiate collectively and started min wage
    • Securities and Exchange Commision: created to stop another stock market crash
  4. Alphabet Agencies
    funded by deficit spending to help kick start the economy. created lot of jobs
  5. Wagner Act(1935)
    guaranteed unions right to bargain collectively comes right out of NRA
  6. Social Security Act (1935)
    provided for handicapped, unemployed elderly. one more way to kick start the economy
  7. Huey Long
    opposed FDR's plans for recovery. Lousiana govenor and later US senator. demanded share the wealth. wanted a $5000 income guaranteed. assassinated 1935
  8. Charles Coughlin
    believed FDR controlled by jewish comunity. very influential person. thought jews had plans to undermine america
  9. "traitor to his class"
    wealthy thought FDR a traitor FDR was a rich man but seemed to favor the poor
  10. Alf Landon
    from Kansas runs for the repuclicans has 71% support of papers
  11. Literary Digest
    well-read periodical predicted a landslide for landon wasnt scientific polls
  12. Schechter v. US
    May 1935 overruled the NRA
  13. Butler v. US
    Jan 1936 overruled the tax basis for the AAA
  14. Recession of 1937-38
    FDR decided to reign in spending since industrial growth up and unemployment down. sends them back down war pulls them out
  15. Isroku Yamamoto
    designed pearl harbor plan. said would the plan would work but if japan got in a war with america japan would lose
  16. Battle of the Coral Sea
    7-8 may 1942 checked japans advance south 1st major battle where ships never see each other
  17. The Rhineland
    peice of land france got from germany from ww1 germany marched in unchallenged on 7 march 1936
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