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  1. Economic Base Analysis
    looks @ basic and non-basic economic activities. Basic activities are those that can be exported, while non-basic activities are those that are locally oriented. The exporting industries make up the economic base of a region. identify economic base industries, a location-quotient is a ratio of an industry�s share of local employment divided by its share of the nation (or other level of government). A location quotient of less than one indicates that an area imports an industry�s products or services, while a location quotient of greater than one indicates the area is exporting.
  2. Shift Share Analysis
    analyzes a local economy in comparison with a larger economy. This analysis looks at the differential shift, proportional shift, and economic growth.
  3. Input-Output Analysis
    is a quantitative method developed to assist in economic policy decision-making. The analysis links suppliers and purchasers to determine the economic output of a region. Input-output analysis is similar to economic base analysis in that it uses an economy�s structure to determine the economy in the future. This form of analysis requires a very large quantity of data and is expensive to conduct. An input-output analysis is composed of three tables: transactions, direct requirements, and total requirements.
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AICP - Economic Analysis
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