Lg Animal Final 2

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  1. What is the main sight of infestattion with adult ascarids?
    small intestine
  2. What is the intermediate host of liver flukes?
  3. What is the intermediate host of metastrongylus?
  4. How is Oxyuris Equi diagnosed?
    Scotch tape test
  5. What is the clinical sign of an Oxyuris Equi infestation?
    tail rubbing
  6. Metastrongylus adults live in the...
  7. Where do adult liver flukes reside?
    bile ducts
  8. Diamond shaped skin lesions on a pig are indicative of...
    Contagious Ecthyma
  9. Where do lesions for cowpox begin?
    Teat and udder
  10. Some methods to prevent the spread of cowpox...
    • Careful udder inspection
    • Proper hygiene of milking machines
    • Milking infected cows last

  11. what is the infectious dermatitis that affects the lips and mouth of young sheep and goats with pustules?
    Contagious Ecthyma
  12. Signs of toxicity from local anesthetic drug use would include...
    • Drowsiness-sedation
    • Muscle twitching
    • Respiratory distress

    NOT increased urine production
  13. Regional anesthesia such as Cornual Nerve block would anestitize this area...
  14. Treatment for Malignant Hyperthermia in swine?
  15. Tranquilizer used for short standing procedures or as a pre-anesthetic in equine?
  16. Phenothiazine tranquilizer that is used in equine to help load into a trailer for shipping?
  17. Drug used to decrease secretions in the body: NEVER used in equine?
  18. Which gas anesthetic is NOT recommended for ruminants because it causes bloat?
    Nitrous Oxide
  19. Which gas anesthetic should be used in equine?
  20. Which drugs compose the "Triple Drip"?
    • Glycerol Glycolate
    • Ketamine
    • Xylazine
  21. What is the term for irrecgularly shaped red blood cells in a sample?
  22. What are the dark staining bodies on red blood cells that are considered to be nuclear remnants?
    Howell Jolly Bodies
  23. What is the increase in total leukocyte count above the normal range?
  24. What can affect your CBC results?
    • Hemolysis
    • Icterus
    • Lipemia
  25. Which is an increase in the percentage of immature neutrophils without an increase in the total neutrophil count?
    Degenerative Left Shift
  26. What fruit does an equine eosinophil resemble?
  27. Which blood value in horses is not used to evaluate liver function?
  28. What position should the eye be in during a sugical plane of anesthesia for bovine?
  29. When looking at a fecal, the size of the egg is the most important as the identification process. Select the size of the egg from largest to smallest.
    Ascarid, Strongyle, Coccidia
  30. What is Gastrophilus Intestinalis?
    Stomach Bots
  31. Name one sedative that would be a good choice to use on a foal for a short procedure?
  32. What is the #1 complication of recovery from gas anesthesia in large animals?
    broken legs
  33. What is the name of the complication caused by a lengthy surgical procedure and the animals head pressing on the table or hard surface?
    partial facial nerve paralysis
  34. Name 2 diseases that ticks are vectors for in large animals, and a prominent symptom which the infected animal shows for that disease?
    • 1. Babasia - Anemea
    • 2. Ehrlichia - Fever, lower limb adema
  35. What does E.I.A. stand for?
    Equine Infectious Anemea
  36. What is the name of the test for E.I.A.?
  37. Equine small strongyle's larvae have developed the ability to survive deworming. Why is this?
    because of their location and ability to incist themselves in the GI tract.
  38. Neonatal Isoerythrolysis (NI)
    Colostrum kills foal's RBC's
  39. Combined Immune Deficiency
    Genetic defect in Arabian Horses
  40. Failure of Passive Transfer Antibodies
    Colostrum Lacking
  41. Types of Placentas
    1. Cotyledonary
    2. Zonary
    3. Discoid
    4. Diffuse
    • 1. Ruminant
    • 2. Dog
    • 3. Rodent
    • 4. Horse
  42. Types of penis
    1. Musculocavernous
    2. Fibroelastic
    • 1. Equine
    • 2. Porcine
  43. Gestation
    1. Equine
    2. Bovine
    3. Ovine
    4. Porcine
    • 1. 333 days
    • 2. 282 days
    • 3. 147 days
    • 4. 115 days
  44. Anterior Pituitary controls
    FSH, LH
  45. Hypothalamus controls
  46. Follicle controls
  47. Corpus Luteum conrols
  48. Lyding Cells controls
  49. Posterior Pituitary controls
  50. Uterus controls
  51. Ampula
    Enlarged end of vas deferens
  52. Caruncle
    Butten like structure on the inside of the uterus
  53. Cervix
    Neck of the uterus, strong muscular constriction between vagina and uterus
  54. Corpus Luteum
    Yellow body formed on the ovary at the site of ovulation: secretes progesterone
  55. Epididymus
    Site of sperm storage and maturation
  56. Infindiblum
    Funnel shaped end of oviduct which catches the ovum at the time of ovulation
  57. Prepuce
    fold of skin covering the penis
  58. Prostate
    Accessory sex gland located around the neck of the bladder
  59. Vagina
    Distal portion of the birth canal from cervix to vulva
  60. What is the term used to describe the physical appearance of an abomasums infested with Osteragia?
    Moroccan leather
  61. Through which blood vessel does Strongylus Vulgaris migrate?
    Cranial mesenteric artery
  62. In which species is coccidia considered non-pathogenic?
  63. How is Trichnosis treated in humans?
    there is no treatment
  64. How is lice diagnosed?
    Nits in hair
  65. Which species of cestode is most important in bovine?
  66. Why is glucose on serum chemistry routinely ignored in the horse?
    RBC's consume the majority of the glucose before the sample is run
  67. Chemestry - organ each test monitors
    1. Kidney
    2. Liver
    3. Muscle
    4. not used in Lg animal
    • 1. BUN, Creatinine
    • 2. Biliruben, GGT
    • 3. AST, CPK
    • 4. ALT
  68. Name 2 specific signs of a blood transfusion reaction in large animals.
    • 1. Dyspnea
    • 2. increased HR
  69. Name 2 diagnostic procedures that could be performed when diagnosing a skin problem.
    • 1. Culture, Biopsy
    • 2. Skin Scraping
  70. What are the 2 types of tests that check for EIA, and about how long does each one take?
    • 1. AGID - 24hrs
    • 2. Elisa - 1 hr
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