Art history final II

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    AFRICAN/Nigeria. Idoma youths performing the war dance, Ejor village, Nigeria, 1989
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    AFRICAN/Nigeria. Overmodelled skull on basketry headdress, Cross River, Nigeria-Cameroon borderland, early 20th c..
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    AFRICAN/Nigeria. Skin-covered (antelope) skull with human hair, shell inset eyes, basketry base, Cross River, c. 1910.
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    AFRICAN/Nigeria. Drawing of Cross River skin-covered mask heads from Mansfield, Urwald Dokument, 1904.
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    AFRICAN/Nigeria. Ekoi skin-covered carved head with embroidered headdress and goat hair, tied yarn, Cross River, c. 1920.
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    AFRICAN/Nigeria. Idoma Oglinye heads used in Warrior masquerades, 1970s (carved in 1920s), left mask, white paint now gone, Otobi village, Nigeria.
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    AFRICAN/Ghana. Queen Mother of Fante wearing Oyokoman kente, 1975.
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    GHANA/Akan. Akan Christian couple with groom wearing kente, early 20th c. photograph
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    AFRICAN/Ghana. Oyokoman (Asantehene's clan) kente: red/yellow/green warp stripe alternating with "knives" weft pattern .
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    AFRICAN/Ghana. President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana wearing kente, Independence Day, March 6, 1957.
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    AFRICAN/Ghana. W.E.B. DuBois in kente stole at the graduation ceremony at the University of Ghana in Legon, where he received an honorary degree in 1963.
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    KENTE/USA. "Ghanian (sic) Barbie" by Mattel, 1998.
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    AFRICAN/Ghana. El Anatsui, Taago, 2006. Located at the High Museum of Art.
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    SOUTH AFRICA/Resistance Art. M.K. Malefane, Nelson Mandela, c. 1983 (now destroyed).
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    SOUTH AFRICA/Resistance Art.Anonymous, Cape Youth Congress Banner, acrylic on cloth, 1985.
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    SOUTH AFRICA/Resistance Art. Willie Bester, Semekazi (The Story of a Migrant Worker), 1993
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    SOUTH AFRICA/Resistance Art. "Our Boys, Your Toys" (banned T-shirt), for the End Conscription Campaign, 1980s.
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    SOUTH AFRICA/Zulu Transitional Art. Mavis Mchunu, White Women Playing Tennis (soft sculpture), 1980s.
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    SOUTH AFRICA/Resistance Art. Jane Alexander, Pastoral Scene (life casts, mixed media), 1995.
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    SOUTH AFRICA/Post-Resistance Art. Clive Van den Berg, Men Loving (installation), 1996

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