Sophmore Honors

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  1. accolade
    (n) award of merit
  2. aggregate
    (v) gather; accumulate
  3. aggregate
    (v) gather; accumulate
  4. antediluvian
    (adj) antiquated; extremely ancient
  5. ardent
    (adj) intense; passionate; zealous
  6. ardor
    (n) intense; passionate; zealous
  7. audacity
    (n) daring; bold
  8. audacious
    (adj) daring; bold
  9. beguile
    (v) mislead or delude; pass time
  10. bereft
    (adj) deprived of; lacking; desolate because of a loss
  11. blighted
    (adj) suffering from a disease; destroyed
  12. bucolic
    (adj) rustic; pastoral
  13. carping
    (adj) finding fault
  14. clich´┐Ż
    (n) phrase dulled in meaning by repetition
  15. complementary
    (adj) serving to complete something
  16. corrosion
    (n) to destroy by chemical action
  17. corrode
    (v) to destroy by chemical action
  18. debunk
    (v) expose as false
  19. desiccate
    (v) to dry up
  20. discrepancy
    (n) lack of consistency; difference
  21. ebullience
    (n) showing excitement; overflowing with enthusiasm
  22. ebullient
    (adj) showing excitement; overflowing with enthusiasm
  23. elegiacal
    (adj) poem or song expressing lamentation
  24. elegy
    (n) poem or song expressing lamentation
  25. emend
    (v) correct; correct by a critic
  26. evanescence
    (n) fleeting; vanishing
  27. evanescent
    (adj) fleeting; vanishing
  28. fathom
    (v) comprehend; investigate
  29. foolhardy
    (adj) rash
  30. iconoclastic
    (adj) attacking cherished traditions
  31. impregnable
    (adj) vulnerable
  32. indolence
    (n) lazy
  33. indolent
    (adj) lazy
  34. insuperable
    (adj) insurmountable; unbeatable
  35. labyrinthine
    (adj) maze
  36. labyrinth
    (n) maze
  37. lassitude
    (n) languor; weariness
  38. meander
    (v) to wind or turn in its course
  39. misanthrope
    (n) one who hates mankind
  40. munificence
    (n) very generous
  41. munificent
    (adj) very generous
  42. obsequious
    (adj) slavishly attentive; servile; sycophantic
  43. parsimony
    (n) stinginess; excessive frugality
  44. pernicious
    (adj) very destructive
  45. prattle
    (v) babble
  46. quell
    (v) extinguish; put down; quiet
  47. rarefy
    (v) make less dense [of a gas]
  48. rarified
    (adj) make less dense [of a gas]
  49. recant
    (v) disclaim or disavow; retract a previous statement; openly confess error
  50. rescind
    (v) cancel
  51. sedentary
    (adj) requiring sitting
  52. steadfast
    (adj) loyal; unswerving
  53. supplant
    (v) replace; usurp
  54. tenacity
    (n) firmness; persistence
  55. torpor
    (n) lethargy; sluggishness; dormancy
  56. torpid
    (adj) lethargy; sluggishness; dormancy
  57. unkempt
    (adj) disheveled; uncared for in appearance
  58. vehemence
    (n) forceful; intensely emotional; with marked vigor
  59. vehement
    (adj) forceful; intensely emotional; with marked vigor
  60. virulent
    (adj) extremely poisonous; hostile; bitter
  61. voracious
    (adj) ravenous
  62. zeal
    (n) eager enthusiasm
  63. zealous
    (adj) eager enthusiasm
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