Junior Honors

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  1. acquiesce
    (v) assent; agree without protesting
  2. amorphous
    (adj) formless; lacking shape or definition
  3. antipathy
    (n) aversion; dislike
  4. assiduous
    (adj) diligent
  5. assiduity
    (n) diligent
  6. avarice
    (n) greediness for wealth
  7. belated
    (adj) delayed
  8. biennial
    (adj) every two years
  9. bombastic
    (adj) pompous; using inflated language
  10. bombast
    (n) pompous; using inflated language
  11. buttress
    (v); (n) support; prop up
  12. certitude
    (n) certainty
  13. coalesce
    (v) combine; fuse
  14. confluence
    (n) flowing together; crowd
  15. corrugated
    (adj) wrinkled; ridged
  16. dehydrate
    (v) remove water from; dry out
  17. diffidence
    (n) shyness
  18. disquiet
    (v) make uneasy or anxious
  19. disquietude
    (n) make uneasy or anxious
  20. edify
    (v) instruct; correct morally
  21. elicit
    (v) draw out by discussion
  22. equanimity
    (n) calmness of temperament; composure
  23. excerpt
    (n); (v) selected passage (written or musical)
  24. fell
    (v) cut or knock down; bring down (with a missile)
  25. glacial
    (adj) like a glacier; extremely cold
  26. ignominy
    (n) deep disgrace; shame or dishonor
  27. ignominious
    (adj) deep disgrace; shame or dishonor
  28. incidental
    (adj) not essential; minor
  29. ineffable
    (adj) unutterable; cannot be expressed in speech
  30. intractable
    (adj) unruly; stubborn; unyielding
  31. laconic
    (adj) brief and to the point
  32. lithe
    (adj) flexible; supple
  33. mercenary
    (adj) interested in money or gain
  34. misnomer
    (n) wrong name; incorrect designation
  35. nefarious
    (adj) very wicked
  36. obstreperous
    (adj) boisterous; noisy
  37. ornate
    (adj) excessively or elaborately decorated
  38. paucity
    (n) scarcity
  39. pitfall
    (n) hidden danger; concealed trap
  40. precarious
    (adj) uncertain; risky
  41. querulous
    (adj) fretful; whining
  42. raucous
    (adj) harsh and shrill; disorderly and boisterous
  43. remission
    (n) temporary moderation of disease symptoms; cancellation of a debt; forgiveness or pardon
  44. respite
    (n) interval of relief; time for rest; delay in punishment
  45. soporific
    (adj); (n) sleep-causing; marked by sleepiness
  46. stolid
    (adj) unruffled; impassive; dull
  47. surfeit
    (v); (n) satiate; stuff; indulge to excess in anything
  48. terrestrial
    (adj) earthly (as opposed to celestial); pertaining to the land
  49. trepidation
    (n) fear; nervous apprehension
  50. unprecedented
    (adj) novel; unparalleled
  51. vex
    (n) annoy; distress
  52. vivacious
    (adj) animated; lively
  53. wanton
    (adj) unrestrained; willfully malicious; unchaste
  54. zenith
    (n) point directly overhead in the sky; summit
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