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    This is an axial MR image obtained just above the anterior superior iliac spines of the pelvis. The muscles of the upper pelvis will be our focus for now. Anteriorly, the rectus abdominis muscles are visible on both sides of midline. Look laterally and find the external oblique with the internal oblique and transverse abdominis muscles deep to it. These are seen on both sides of the labeled ilium of the pelvis. Follow the ilium bone toward the vertebra and note the muscle along its internal surface, the iliacus. On the external surface is the gluteus medius muscle. In the posterior midline, the muscles on each side of the vertebral body are the psoas muscles. The erector spinae muscles are on the posterior aspect of the vertebral bony structures.
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    This is an axial MR image demonstrating the muscles of the mid-pelvis. Again, start on the anterior surface and find the linea alba in the midline, with the rectus abdominis muscles along each side. Find the ilium bones. The muscle along its internal surface is the iliopsoas. On its external surface, the gluteus muscle group is labeled. These muscles are covered in more detail in Module 10. Posteriorly, on the internal aspect of the sacrum is the piriformis muscle
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    This is an axial MR image obtained at a level just below the greater trochanters. Take a moment to note the bony landmarks. The obturator internus muscles are visible on both sides just medial to the acetabuli and lateral to the urinary bladder.
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    This is a coronal MR image demonstrating the posterior pelvic muscles. At the top of the image, note the sacroiliac joints. Look more inferiorly and find the small dark oval that is the rectum. On each side, the levator ani muscles are seen. The ischium bones are on each side, with the obturator internus muscles lining the interior border of these bones.
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    This is an axial CT through the approximate middle of a female pelvis. The lower abdominal muscles are seen on the anterior surface. The iliopsoas muscle is seen just interior to the ilium of the hip bone. The three layers of gluteal muscles are on the external surface of the ilium. Finally, locate the piriformis muscle deep to the gluteal group and slightly lateral and anterior to the sacrum.
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    This is an axial CT image of the lower male pelvis. The muscles are labeled using the following key:ilps, iliopsoasisch, ischiumf, femurobe, obturator externusobi, obturator internus
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