social studies

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  1. What do you call the cultures and traditions handed down to people by their ancestors?

    ex. arts, crafts, dancing
  2. What is a family member who lived a long time ago called?

    ex. great grandmother or grandfather
  3. A group's way of doing something is called a ______.

    ex. shaking hands when you meet someone (USA)
  4. A group's way of life is called it's _________.
  5. The sharing of ideas and information is called _____.
  6. Identify customs related to MARDI GRAS.
    • eating gumbo
    • wearing masks
    • go to parades
  7. 3 customs associated with Chinese New Year.
    • honor grandparents
    • give gifts
    • eat rice
  8. 3 customs associated with Kwanzaa
    • light the kinara
    • play musical instruments
    • dancing
  9. 3 customs associated with Cinco de Mayo
    • singing and dancing
    • horses in parades
    • break open pinatas
  10. Name 3 explorers:
    • Vespucci
    • Columbus
    • Magellan
  11. What 2 things would an immigrant need?
    • ship
    • suitcases
    • new neighborhoods
  12. What would a pioneer need?
    • horses
    • covered wagons
    • water barrels
  13. What things could you include about the USA in a letter to someone about our culture.
    • holidays - 4th of july, fireworks
    • foods - BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers
    • red, white and blue clothing
    • fly the flag
    • people have off work.
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