Chapter15 DRAFT

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  1. The undesired change or removal of a valued object, person, or situation
  2. Physical, psychological, and spiritual responses to a loss
  3. Action associated with grief
  4. Mourning and adjustment time following a loss
  5. Who were the 4 main grief theorists?
    • Engel
    • Worden
    • Rando
    • Bowlby
  6. The student nurse has earned “A’s” in all of her prerequisite courses. For the first exam in a nursing course, she earns a “D” and now feels that she may not be smart enough to become a nurse. In terms of a “loss” the student is experiencing an/a:
    A) external loss
    B) physical loss
    C) actual loss
    D) perceived loss
    D) perveiced loss
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  7. True or False
    A young woman’s fiancé died in a car accident one month prior to their wedding day. Since his death, she has become sexually promiscuous. She is responding to her loss with uncomplicated grief.
    FALSE - it is masked grief
  8. 4 types of grief:
    • Uncomplicated
    • Complicated
    • Disenfranchised
    • Anticipatory
  9. 3 subgroups of complicated grief:
    • Chronic
    • Masked
    • Delayed
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