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  1. What cells produce antimullerian hormone and what is the hormone's function?
    • Sertoli Cells
    • Function: destroy mullerian duct that would normally lead to Fallopian tubes
  2. What cells produce testosterone?
    Leydig Cells
  3. What duct does testosterone utilize?
    Wolffian (Mesonephric)
  4. Which is stronger, Testosterone or Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)?
    DHT (3x stronger)
  5. Symptoms of Androgen insensitivity syndrome?
    • XY present
    • female gentalia with blind-end opening
    • AMH present (but degenerated Wolffian)
    • Degenerated Mullerian duct
    • infertile
    • ** diagnosed at puberty b/c of bleeding **
  6. What is another name for female pseudohermaphroditism?
    Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
  7. What are symptoms of female pseudohermaphroditism?
    • No 21-alpha-hydroxylase (= no cortisol = extra androgen)
    • XX chromosome
    • infertile
    • too much androgen with open Mullerian duct
    • No AMH = degenerated Wolffian duct
    • Female genitalia enlarge
    • ** Often noted as male at birth **
  8. What occurs in the seminiferous tubules?
  9. What is within the connective tissue of the testis and what is produced?
    Leydig cells = Testosterone
  10. What is spermatogenesis?
    • ** name of entire sperm production cycle **
    • Spermatogonia are converted into Spermatozoa (64 days)
  11. What is spermatocytogenesis?
    • * creating
    • Spermatogonial mitosis into Spermatids
  12. What is spermiogenesis?
    • * Packaging
    • Spermatids into Spermatozoa
  13. What is spermiation?
    • * Shipping
    • Sperm into ejaculatory duct
  14. What are the waves of sperm production known as?
    Spermatogenic wave
  15. What hormone is responsible for Spermatogenesis and Testosterone production?
    GnRH - FSH/LH
  16. How many spermatids are created from one primary spermatocyte in meiosis?
  17. What four chemicals are released by sertoli cells?
    • Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH)
    • Fluid for sperm movement in seminiferous tubule
    • Androgen binding protein (ABP)
    • Release inhibin (inhibit FSH)
  18. Where are sperm stored: Epididymis or Vas Deferens?
    Vas Deferens
  19. T/F Erection is due to skeletal muscle?
    F: Just blood pooling in penis
  20. What molecule inhibits NO function during erection?
  21. What pill can inhibit erection inhibition by phosphodiesterase?
  22. What nervous system controls erection? Ejaculation?
    • erection: PNS
    • ejaculation: SNS
  23. How many sperm are ejaculated? How many to be infertile?
    • 100 million/ml = normal
    • <20 million/ml = infertile
  24. What three glands produce fluid for sperm movement towards ejaculation?
    • 1) Seminal vesicle 60%
    • 2) Prostate gland 20%
    • 3) Bulbourethral gland
  25. What fluid maintains sperm function within femal system?
    Seminal fluid
  26. Steps for a sperm to enter an ovuum?
    • Lose cholesterol
    • Redistribute proteins
    • increase calcium uptake for flagellal movements
    • Acrosome Rxn: Pierce corona radiata and zona pellucida
    • fusion with ovuum
  27. What happens to GnRH activity with Age?
    • Pre-puberty = low = low LH, FSH, Testosterone, DTH
    • Puberty = high = high LH, FSH, Testosterone, DTH
    • Senescence (old) = low again
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