Ch 8 Pelvis Organs

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  1. In females, the urinary bladder is located: A) Posterior to the uterus B) Between the uterus and vagina C) Between the uterus and rectum D) Anterior to the uterus
    D) Anterior to the uterus
  2. Which of the following organs are located inferior to the urinary bladder? A) Rectum B) Vagina C) Prostate D) Uterus
    C) Prostate

  3. This is an axial section demonstrating a:
    A) Female pelvis B) Male pelvis C) Gender cannot be determined from this image.
    A) Female pelvis
  4. Which ligaments connect the lateral walls of the uterus to the sacrum? A) Round ligaments B) Uterosacral ligaments C) Lateral cervical ligaments D) Suspensory ligaments
    B) Uterosacral ligaments

  5. What structure is labeled as number 4?
    A) Rectum B) Prostate gland C) Uterus D) Urinary bladder
    D) Urinary bladder
  6. All of the following male reproductive organs function to secrete a portion of the seminal fluid, except for the: A) Vas deferens B) Bulbourethral glands C) Prostate gland D) Seminal vesicles
    A) Vas deferens

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Ch 8 Pelvis Organs
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pelvis anatomy

Overview of pelvic organs in male and female
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