Pancreas Hormones

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  1. Glucagon
    Pancreatic Islet: Alpha Cells

    Primary Targets: Liver, adipose tissue

    Hormonal Effects: Mobilizes lipid reserves; promotes glucose synthesis and glycogen breakdown in the liver; elevates blood glucose concentrations

    Regulatory Control: Stimulated by low blood glucose concentrations; inhibited by GH-IH from delta cells
  2. Insulin
    Pancreatic Islet: Beta Cells

    Primary Targets: Most Cells

    Hormonal Effects: Facilitates uptake of glucose by target cells; stimulates formation and storage of lipids and glycogen

    Regulatory Control: Stimulated by high blood glucose concentrations, parasympathetic stimulation, and high levels of some amino acids; inhibited by GH-IH from delta cells and by sympathetic activation
  3. GH-IH (somatostatin)
    Pancreatic Islet: Delta Cells

    Primary Targets: Other islet cells, digestive epithelium

    Hormonal Effects: Inhibits insulin and glucagon secretion; slows rates of nutrient absorption and enzyme secretion along digestive tract

    Regulatory Control: Stimulated by protein-rich meal; mechanism unclear
  4. Pancreatic Polypeptide (PP)
    Digestive System Ch. 25
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