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  1. Problem lists are used to track both acute and chronic conditions related to the care of a patient
  2. Problem-oriented
    to organize entries in a patient record by problem.
  3. Problem lists provide
    up-to-date list of the diagnosis and conditions that affect that particular patient's care
  4. Problems that have a natural period of time in which they normally resolve themselves are called
    Acute self-limiting
  5. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality(AHRQ)
    an independent panel of experts in primary care and prevention that systemically reviews the evidence of effectiveness and develops recommendations for clinical preventive services
  6. analyzing scientific evidence from current research and studies to determine the effectiveness of preventive services
    Evidence-based guidelines
  7. What do the acromyns PHI and EPHI stand for?
    • Protected health information
    • protected health information in electronic form
  8. List the three criteria of an electronic signature
    • Message integrity
    • Nonrepudiation
    • User authentication
  9. Compare the difference between Consent and Authorization.
    They differ that authorization does not require the patient’s permission to disclose PHI
  10. Does a provider need the patient’s consent to share PHI with an authorized government agency?
  11. List the four components of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Subsection.
    • Transactions and Code sets
    • Uniform identifiers
    • Privacy
    • security
  12. Which part of the regulation went into effect first?
    Transactions and Code sets
  13. Which part of the regulation went into effect last?
  14. Business Associate Agreements apply to which components of the Administrative Simplification Subsection?
  15. What department of the U.S. government enforces HIPAA?
    Health and Human Services
  16. List the three categories of the Security Rule
    • Administrative safeguards
    • Physical safeguards
    • Technical safeguards
  17. Name the covered entities under HIPAA
    Health plans, clearinghouses, and health care providers
  18. Which components of the Administrative Simplification Subsection require employee training?
  19. Name three of the technical safeguards
    • Access control
    • Audit controls
    • inetgrity
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