Lecture 5 organizational structure

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  1. Recognize the benefit and the danger of structure. (Sect. 21)
    • The Benefit / Danger of Structure
    • 1. Order / infrastructure is a good and necessary thing
    • 2. The problem with organization: it is designed to serve but loves to rule
  2. Recognize the key principles in using structure to serve.
    • -All structure is designed to empower in a determined direction (i.e. like banks on a river). Therefore, it must be aligned with your vision and values to be helpful.
    • -Minimal is optimal (achieving simplicity without being simplistic requires great depth of thought and careful preparation and discipline
    • -The best structure creates a free but focused system that empowers people together toward their shared vision (i.e. organizational priorities)
    • -Our goal is reproducible systems where carefully planned and implemented structures result in a simple, accessible “program” that anyone can thrive within and reproduce (i.e., Wesley versus Whitfield)
  3. Recognize the important considerations for ministry programs (in-reach and outreach) and training programs.
    • 1.Ministry programs: “in-reach” and “outreach”
    • “In-reach” programs
    • Our only long-term hope is to create a mentoring/counseling community
    • “Outreach” programs
    • By far the most effective approach in evangelism is relationship within one’s sphere of influence. Therefore the focus of outreach structures should centre on:
    • -Enhancing relational connections
    • -Overcoming hesitancy
    • -Learning how to communicate the Gospel
    • 3.Training programs
    • These are a process of discipling/mentoring that involve both formation and information. An optimal approach to training should centre on:
    • 3.1.1. Focused, accountable friendship
    • 3.1.2. A “just in time” / “need to know” method brings the right information at just the right times.
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