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  1. adiabatic heating/cooling
    results from change in pressurenot by addition/removal of heat energy
  2. cold air (2)
    • most dense
    • holds less moisture than warm air
  3. lapse rate
    • rate that the rising air mass cools
    • depends on dryness/wetness
  4. wind is named by
    where they're coming from
  5. rotating Earth's wind cells
    • Hadley cell
    • Ferrel cell
    • Polar cell
  6. intertropical convergent zone (ITCZ)
    convergence between NE and SE trade winds
  7. hourse latitudes
    divergence between NE trades and westerlies
  8. polar front
    • polar jet strem is located
    • convergence between westerlies and polar easterlies
    • low pressure
  9. tropopause
    troposphere and stratosphere
  10. polar jet develops at
    40 degree altitude
  11. difference between climate and weather
    • climate: the average of years of data. world wide
    • weather: day by day. local
  12. 5 subsystems that affect the weather
    • lithosphere: human activity
    • cryosphere: snow and glacier ice
    • hydrosphere: heat, evaporation
    • atmosphere: heat
    • biosphere: CO2
  13. geological records of climate comes from
    fossil evidence
  14. oxygen isotope
    • peaks: low ice volume, interglacial, warm temperature
    • valleys: high ice volume, glacial, cold temperature
  15. ice core
    • higher value: warmer temperature
    • lower value: colder temperature
  16. why climate change (external forcing) (2)
    • sunspot cycle: 11 year intervals
    • orbital/astronomical factors: wobble and tilt
  17. why climates change (internal forcing) (3)
    • atmospheric filtering: how much radiation reaches the Earth
    • volcanic activity
    • changes in ocean circulation
  18. Medieval Climate Anomaly
    • regional (Europe)
    • 900-1300 AD
    • peak in solar activity
  19. The Little Ice Age
  20. The warm middle cretaceous
    • no glaciers
    • higher sea level
    • higher CO2 level
  21. epicontinental seaway
    splitting the continent in half
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