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  1. aegis
    protection, sponsorship
  2. bauble
    a showy, ornamental object with little practical use
  3. complaisant
  4. consolidate
    to unite, to strenghten
  5. depredation
    the act of plundering or destroying, and the loss or damage that results
  6. epiphany
    a sudden understanding of the meaning
  7. moratorium
    a waiting period or temporary ban on activity
  8. pendulous
    hanging loosely
  9. portend
    to indicate what will happen
  10. pragmatic
    concerned with practical solutions rather than abstract theory
  11. reprieve
    to delay punishment, a relief
  12. stentorian
    extremely loud
  13. tenure
    the condition of holding property, also period during which it is held
  14. unilateral
    carried out by one of two parties rather than in concert with others
  15. viable
    capable of living, capable of success
  16. ambidextrous
    able to use both hands with equal skill
  17. antipathy
    a consistent dislike
  18. deleterious
  19. excoriate
    to criticize severly
  20. extrapolate
    to estimate by projecting from known information
  21. grisly
    horrible to contemplate, grim
  22. idiosyncrasy
    a peculiar characteristic
  23. impute
    to assign blame or credit
  24. maladroit
    lacking judgement or skill
  25. negate
    to deny the truth of, to make invslid
  26. passe'
    no longer in fashion
  27. pedagogue
    a teacher of children, sometimes one who is dogmatic or overly formal
  28. preponderance
    the greater part
  29. propound
    to propose
  30. stance
    the way a person stands, a position regarding politics or ideas
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