history 11

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  1. why "cold" war?
    never fought directly, no hot gun barrels
  2. how DID they fight?
    indirectly, each "superpower" supported a smaller country that agreed with its philosophy
  3. what was the cold war a war of?
    belief, idealogy, ways of living, culture
  4. do that cool list of belief thing.
    • USSR USA
    • gov totalitarianism democacy
    • economy communism capitalism
    • religion Athiest freedom of rel
  5. describe totalitarianism
    • total control of every aspect of life
    • -indoctrination
    • -terror
    • -propaganda
    • -ethnic prosecution
    • -secret police
  6. alliance between us, canada, ten others
  7. name of policy to prevent communism spreading
  8. term used by winston to represent germany being divided
    iron curtain
  9. first satellite
  10. alliance between soviet union and eastern european countries
    warsaw pact
  11. organization of nations set up after WWII
    united nations
  12. alliance that east germany belonged to, and west didn't
    warsaw pact
  13. willingness to engage in war
  14. economic aid package given by us
    marshall plan
  15. something about a spy plane
    U-2 incident
  16. involved dividing germany
    yalta agreement
  17. who led chinese nationalist forces?
    jiag jieshi
  18. who had more support in china?
  19. who was china's common enemy
  20. chinese nationalist forces retreated to what island
  21. huge collective farms
  22. chinese communist leader
    mao zedong
  23. name of campaign to restore radical communist values in china?
    cultural revolution
  24. student communist militia
    red guards
  25. why was the great leap forward a fail?
    workers got nothing from their work, not even food. 30 milion starved to death.
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