#3 Art

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  1. Primary Colors
    The colors yellow, red, and blue, from which it is possible to mix other colors of the color wheel.
  2. Secondary Colors
    The colors obrained by mixing two primary colors. Examples: orange, green, violet (purple)
  3. Complementary Colors
    Colors opposite one another on the color wheel. Red/Green, Bleu/Orange/ and Yellow/Violet are examples of complementary colors.
  4. Mass
    The outside size and bulk of a form, such as a building or a sculpture; the vusal weight of an object.
  5. Neutral Colors
    The colors black, white, gray, and variations of brown, included in the color family called earth colors.
  6. Analogous
    Refers to closely related colors; a color sheme that combines several hues next to each other on the color wheel.
  7. Warm Colors
    Colors suggesting warmth: red, yellow and orange. These colors naturally recede from the viewer.
  8. Cool Colors
    Coors suggesting coolnes: blue, green, and violet. These colors naturally recede from the viewer.
  9. Aesthetics
    A branch of philosophy; the study of art and theories about the nature and components of aesthetic experience.
  10. Distortion
    The condition of being twisted or bent out of shape. In art, distortion is often used as an espressive technique.
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