SAT Vocab #24-25

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  1. abstruse
    (adj) difficult to understand; ambiguous, mysterious
  2. attrition
    (n) the act of wearing down; friction; abrasion
  3. cogent
    (adj) forcibly convincing
  4. harbinger
    (n) a forerunner
  5. inscrutable
    (adj) so mysterious that it cannot be understood
  6. malaise
    (n) feeling of discomfort, as before an illness
  7. malefactor
    (n) an evildoer, criminal
  8. nadir
    (n) the lowest point; time of greatest depression
  9. naive
    (adj) simple, childlike; foolish
  10. obfuscate
    (adj) darken, obscure; confuse
  11. palliate
    (v) to mitigate, ease without curing
  12. pique
    (v) to hurt the feelings of or make resentful; to arouse or excite
  13. sectarian
    (adj) pertaining to a group within a larger group that is limited by common beliefs or interests; narrow-minded; parochial; bigoted
  14. titanic
    (adj) of enormous magnitude, force, or power; gigantic
  15. vitriolic
    (adj) bitterly scathing; caustic
  16. adulation
    (n) flattery; compliment
  17. aplomb
    (n) self-assurance; self-possession; poise
  18. chicancery
    (n) trickery, especially in legal proceeding; deception; fraud
  19. claustrophobia
    (n) fear of closed places
  20. docile
    (adj) easily taught; tractable; obedient
  21. implacable
    (adj) not able to be pacified; inexorable
  22. oblique
    (adj) having a slanting direction; indirect; devious
  23. palpable
    (adj) capable of being touched; obvious
  24. posthumous
    (adj) born after the death of the father; following or occuring after one's death
  25. quixotic
    (adj) caught up in the romance of noble deeds or ideals; romantic without regard to practicality
  26. rationalize
    (v) interpret logically, to devise self-satisfying but incorrect reasons
  27. raucous
    (adj) harsh; strident
  28. scourge
    (v, n) to whip; to punish severely; an infliction
  29. surfeit
    (v, n) excess; superfluity; to overindulge
  30. surmise
    (v) to imagine or infer on slight grounds
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