Human Sexuality Final Exam Class Notes

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  1. Variations in Sexual Behavior
    Introductory Comments
    1. Term: used to be called sexual perversion or deviance

    Paraphilias: love of the unusual (in things sexual)

    2. Current professional consensus is that paraphilia is not directly related to psychopathology (with exception of necrophilia)

    3. Clear gender bias: more me than women

    4. What does it mean to be normal anyway?

    5. Generalizations are not based on representitive data (stigmas prevent a good sample group from being taken)
  2. Variations in Sexual Behavior
    Definition: involves obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inadament object or particular body part

    • Types:
    • 1. Media
    • -key to the turn on in the material of which the object is made (rubber, silk, etc)
    • 2. Form
    • -Key is the shape of the object (shoe)

    Part of the desire is brekaing the rules. The turn on might be greater if the object has been worn or is stolen
  3. Variations in Sexual Behavior
    Transvestism (TV)
    Definition: Someone who becomes primarily sexually stimulated or gratified by wearing clothing typical of the other gender (cross dressing)

    There is a clear gender bias-it is more scandelous for a ma to wear women's clothing

    • Typically
    • -cross dressing is periodic
    • -individual is typically heterosexual
    • -individual is typically married
    • -male

    • Don't confuse with transexuals!
    • Transexual: trapped in the wrong body and want to change it, or partially change it (male to female have a higher satisfaction of sexual reassignment)
    • Transgender: some feel like a third gender.
  4. Variations in Sexual Behavior
    Definition: involves obtaining sexual pleasure or arousal by observing people without their consent either partially clothed or participating in sexual activity

    • Typical
    • -attached to masturbation
    • -male
    • -not dangerous
    • -sense of invading someone's privacy

    • Warning signs of a dangerous person:
    • -breaking and entering
    • -drawing attention to self
  5. Variations in Sexual Behavior
    Definition: Typically a ma who obtains sexual arousal or gratification by exposing his genitals to an unwilling victim

    -act as if they want to get caught

    -highestt rate of paraphilia arrest
  6. Variations in Sexual Behavior
    definition: combination of humiliation and pain. Sadists are turned on by afflicting pain or humiliation and masochists enjoy recieving this

    - symbolic form is more common

    - clear domination theme

    - key dynamic of the turn on is the master/slave relationship

    - very specific about form of pain and script
  7. Sexual Dysfuction
    Introductory Comments
    1. sexual dysfuction is almost always an issue of excitement, plateu or orgasm

    2. a primary disorder has always existed and a secondary disorder is more recent

    3. marital stress leads to sexual dysfuction. sexual dysfunction may or may not lead to marital stress

    • 4. issue of anxiety
    • - spectatoring: detachment from the sexual experience
    • -performance anxiety
    • *Newer View: Spectatoring is still problematic. Anxiety can help or hider sexual experience. If there is no history of sexual dysfunction, anxiety might actually help or facilitate
  8. Sexual Dysfunction
    Male Disorders
    Erectile Dysfunction
    • Definition: the inability to maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse
    • -complete absence
    • -partial erection
    • -losing an erection
    • -loss of an erection situationally

    • Frequency:
    • -every man will experience it at least one time in his life
    • -dysfunction is marked by masters and johnson as someone who has trouble at lease 25% of the time
    • -10.4% of nation

    • Causes:
    • -obesity, odds go up 200%
    • -lack of exercise, 50%
    • -smoker, 60%

    • 3 Categories:
    • a. Organic: anatomically wrong in neuro conrol or reproductive system (erection during sleep cycle can rule this out)
    • b. Functional: impact of drgus, alcohal, physical exhaustion as well (viagra)
    • c. Psychogenic: related to anger, anxiety, or stress
  9. Sexual Dysfunction
    Male Disorders
    Premature Ejaculation
    Possible Definitions: previously measured as time taken to ejaculate, number of thrusts taken, is the man ejaculated before his partner at least 50% of the time

    Current definition: lacking reasonable voluntary control over ejaculation

    -about 28.5% of men report this problem

    • Solutions:
    • Problematic: avoidance, rush their partner, desenstivize the man, mental detachment

    • Effective:
    • 1. Squeeze Method
    • - during foreplay place fingers on frenum and front of glans
    • -4 second squeeze, 4-6 times before insertion
    • 2. Basiler squeeze
    • -same technique but at base of penis
  10. Sexual Dysfunction
    Male disorders
    Retarded Ejaculation/ejaculatory incompetence
    Definition: Process of coming to ejaculation is slow or non-existent

    -Mainly psychological in its origin but may be related to diabetes and drugs

    retrograde ejaculation: problem in prostate leads to ejaculation into the bladder
  11. Sexual Dysfunction
    Female Disorders
    Orgasmic Dysfunction
    24.1 of women
  12. Sexual Dysfunction
    Frmale Disorders
    Inhibited sexual desire/hypoactive sexual desire
    30.9% of women

    may also apply to men

    most often a discrepancy between partners sexual desire
  13. Sexual Dysfunctions
    Female Disorders
    Painful Intercourse (dyspareunia)
    reduced lubrication can cause pain

    disorders of vaginal opening
  14. Sexual Dysfunction
    Female Disorders
    Involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles making penetration difficult or impossible
  15. Sexual Dysfunctions
    • Sensate focusing
    • - desensitization therapy

    Stage 1. Touching bodies, no gentials, get to know partners bdy better, no intercourse (unilateral, one partner at a time)

    Stage 2. Touching expanded to sexual areas. No intercourse. Find out what partner likes (unilateral)

    Stage 3. Touching is simultaneous

    Stage 4. Sexual Intercourse, probably woman above position
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