pt with neurological disorder

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  1. Neuro Check
    Brief assessment used to evaluate the neurological status of a patient
  2. Alzhimers
    neurological disease; cerebrocortex starts to degenerate& brain atrophy
  3. Incidence for Alzheimers?
    usually 65+
  4. Dx Test
    • -History & Symptoms
    • -No specific test
    • -Autopsy & biopsy is the only way to be positive you have it
  5. Symptoms of Alzheimers
    • -short term memory lost fat
    • -sundown syndrome
    • -wander
    • -incontinence
    • -personality changes
    • -seizures
  6. Parkinsonism
    Effects brain cells which control movement; progressive loss of muscle control
  7. Pathology of Parkinson
    Deficience in dopamine (help control body movement)
  8. Symptoms of Parkinson
    • -Shaky (tremor) hands but decrease with purposful movement
    • -Usually dont have tremors when sleep
    • -Muscles are very riit, arms normally fixed and stiff
    • -Can't swollow salivia, drool
    • -Face is mask like
    • -Blink every one in awhile
    • -Stooped posture, very little movement
    • -Difficulty iniating movement
    • -propulsive gait (fast walking)
  9. ICP
    Increased Cranial Pressure
  10. What is ICP cause by
    too much blood, fluid in skull
  11. Assessment for ICP
    -Neuro check every 15mins to 1hr
  12. Signs and Symptoms
    • -Decrease in LOC
    • -Pulse usually fast then slow
    • -Unstable Temp.
    • -Kussmaul Respiration
    • -Periods of Apnea
    • -Projectile Vomitting
    • -Unequal Pupils
  13. Treatmean for ICP
    • Depends on casue
    • *Craniotomy
    • *Craniectomy
  14. Braini Tumor
    Abnormal amount of tissue in the brain
  15. Benign
    None cancerous
  16. Maliginant
  17. Gliomia
    When cance originate in brain
  18. Matatisis
    When cancer spread from primary site
  19. Metestatic cancer
    where i didnt start but ended up
  20. Symptoms of Brain Tumor
    Classic Triads
  21. Treatments for Brain Tumor
    • Depends on location
    • *radiology
    • *craniotomy
    • *craniectomy
    • *kemotheraphy
  22. Nursing Intervetions for brain tumor
    • *emotional support
    • *no narcotic drugs
  23. Nursing interventions
    • -Neurocheck every half hour or as ordered
    • -Check for bleeding & straw colored blood
    • -let pt and family know what to expect
  24. Conscious
    respose immediate and appropreiate to visual, auditory and other stmuli
  25. Somnolence or lethagy
    can be aoused but response is slow. Falls asleep easily
  26. Stupor
    requires vigorous stimulation to arouse; restless - tries to remove stimuli' never fully awake
  27. Semi-Coma
    responds only to mild painful stmiuli
  28. Coma
    Cannot be aroused except by very painful stimuli if at all
  29. Babanski
    Scrap bottom of foot
  30. PERRLA
    Pupils Equal Round Reactive to light accomadation
  31. Lumbar Puncture
    Needle goes btw two lumbar vertebrae
  32. Akinesia
    Loss or impairment of the power of voluntary movement
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