International Style, Post Modernism, Deconstructivism, Neo-Conceptualism

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    • Ludwig Meis Van der Rohe and Philip Johnson, Seagram Building, New Yorkm 1954-58
    • Crisp, clean lines epotomize the standardizational and impersonality = modern corporation, efficent construction methods and use of materials allowed an immense amount of office space and packed into a building on a very small lot, "Less is more," nonfuncional decorative bronze beams on the outside of the Seagram Building to echo the functional beam inside and give the facade a sleek rick and deignified appearence
    • internatioal style, glass grid geometry not detailed, Mies was the last head of Bachaus School, Johnson young apprentus, faced with bronze incorporating material associated with sculpture, agruement as arachitecture is a sculpture form, on piers to make appear lighter than it is, windows have three settins: open, closed, halfway,
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    • Robert Venturi, Vanna Venturi House, Pennsylvania, 1961-64
    • designed house for his mother, shape of teh facade returns to the traditional western house, triangles squares and circles arranged in a complex asymmetry, curve overdoor purely decorative, interior complex and controdictory
    • appears bigger on the outside than it is on the inside, symmetry off, space of irregular angles, hard to live in, more nonfunctional
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    • Frank Gehry, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain. 1992-97
    • developed asymmetrical design using a CATIA CAD program that enabled him to create an organic sculpture structure, steel skeleton is covered by thin skin og silverly titanium that changes color depending on the light of day
    • work process sculpture>digital> realistic 3d, fisher boasts and fish inspiration, titanium takes on light around it, deconstructivist fragment it then recollage it together, interior space just as curvy and irregular
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    • Betye Saar, The Liberation of Aunt Jemima, Mixed Media, 1972
    • militanly feminist and racially activist, collage of 2d and 3d images of derogatoray steorotype of a cheerful servile "mammy" transformation into a military black feminist, appropriation (taking material from one source and using it unaltered in another) of constrasting images from popular culture subverts and artiques the servile black female stereotype by both liberating her and threathening the viewer.
    • with feminist movement but includes race, corporate labal images, house slave type "mammy", for white audiences, negrobilia figure, form of black face, cotton on the floor, repeating images, racist images with power
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    • Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Loverboy), Blue Paper Endless Copies. 1990
    • lover dying of AIDS, people allowed to take paper = allegorry of the slowly disappearing body and mind of his lover
    • people can take parts of art, up the measum to keep 7in high, protraits of people, leaves untitlied so people can interpete but titles what he calles it, Ross Lacock his lover has AIDS, assoicated with the color blue, body of a person is dispersed and take of body - communian, virual transmittion, mirrored reflection, dematerlized the art object
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    • Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #21
    • 2nd wave feminism, questioning the culturally consturcted roles played by women in society and as a critique of the male gaze, strategies of looking, Sherman assumed both roles of photographer and photographed thus complicates the relationship between the person looking and the person being looked at and she subverts the way in which photographs of women communicate sterotypes
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    • Ofili, The Holy Virgin Mary
    • stylized African Madonna made from elephant dung and small found photos of women's butts, contemporary bicultural reinvention of the western Madonna tradition, elephant dung used to reinfore this black Madonna's connection to the art and religion of Zimbabwe and to represent her fertility
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    • Kiki Smith, Untitled
    • explores the body, bodily functions, and the loss of physical control that the dying experience, profound sense of loss, AIDS
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    • Matthew Barney, Cremaster 3: Mahabyn, 2002
    • a seris of filsm developed a arcane sexual mythology, on the concept of gender mutlibility, questioning gender assignation and roles throughout, cremaster muscle controls the ascent and decent of testes and also determines sexual differentation in the human embryo, each film has its own complex narrative and catalog of multilayered symbols, Cremaster 3 describes the construction of the Chrysler Building in NY and features Richard Serra as the architect, transforms into Masons, addresses the crisis of identity experienced by white middle class hetreosexual male artists in American in an era seemingly dominated by identity politics
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    • Tinka Shonibare, MBE, How to Blow Up Two Heads at Once (Ladies), mixed media, 2006
    • examines how identity is informed, perceived, and constructed through the twists and turns of colonial history as well as class race and self-perception, race indterminated, women bodies but male hands, wear 19th c clothes but the bright color is made of Dutuch wax fabric that is usually assoicated with West African nations, challenges out perceptions about issues of race, post colonialism, property, ownership, violence, and class.
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