Dallethoryon Lan - Cornish for Absolute Beginners

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  1. Dydh dá (dhýs)!
    Good day (to you)!
  2. Fàtla génes?
    How are you?
  3. Pur dhá, meur rás!
    Very well, thank you!
  4. Ha tý?
    And you?
  5. Gorthùgher dá!
    Good evening!
  6. Gav dhýmm, rez yw dhÿmm móz.
    Excuse me, I have to go.
  7. Duw génes, ythó!
    Goodbye, then!
  8. Duw génes!
  9. Dha wélez a-vórow!
    See you tomorrow!
  10. Mar plég...?
  11. Meur rás!
    Thank you!
  12. Ny výnnav! Meur rás
    I don't want it, thanks.
  13. Na móy! Mar plég!
    No more please!
  14. Gav dhýmm!
    Forgive me!
  15. Dròg yw génev!
    I'm sorry!
  16. Kèmmer wíth!
    Take care!
  17. Bydh wár!
    Look out!
  18. Da lówr
  19. Ny vérn
    It doesn't matter
  20. Na fórs
    Never mind
  21. Súr!
  22. Pur wír!
    Very true!
  23. Heb már!
    Without doubt!
  24. Yn sùr sértan!
  25. Gwír?
  26. Yw hènna gwír?
    Is that true?
  27. Yn hwír?
    Oh really?
  28. Òsta súr?
    Are you sure?
  29. Martésen
    Perhaps, maybe
  30. Dell hével
    So it would appear
  31. Nyns òv vy súr
    I'm not sure
  32. Pìw a wóer?
    Who knows?
  33. Ny wónn
    I don't know
  34. Súr, ny wònn vý!
    Really, <i>I</i> don't know!
  35. Márthuz!
  36. Màrthuz dá!
    Very good!
  37. Brýntin!
  38. Splánn!
    Splendid! Brilliant!
  39. Pur dhá!
    Very good!
  40. Gwrÿz yn tá!
    Well done!
  41. Fèst yn tá!
    Very well (done)!
  42. Gást!
  43. Bràmm an gáth!
    Cat's fart!
  44. Bàrth an Jówl
    By the Devil!
  45. Jówl!
  46. Abàrth Dúw!
    By God!
  47. Abàrth an Táz!
    By God! (the Father)
  48. Taw távez, ty wókki!
    Shut up, stupid!
  49. Tÿ gwállok!
    You big clumsy oaf!
  50. Pur dhá yw génev dha wélez árta!
    I'm very happy to see you again!
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Dallethoryon Lan - Cornish for Absolute Beginners
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Cornish Kernewek Kernowek survival kit

A bluffer's guide to the Cornish Language. It is from <a href="http://www.howlsedhes.co.uk/dallether/dlan0.shtml">this website</a>, which I found to be very handy! The spelling used is Kernewek Kemmyn, except that here, unlike in standard KK, we find /z/ en /s/ to be distinguished. The acute accent indicates main stress, whereas the grave accent indicates secondary stress (Note however, ÿ instead of y-grave). It is recommended to also look at the website, as it puts all these words and sentences a bit more into perspective.
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