Classics 5/5 Quiz

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  1. aqu-
    water (aqua, aquarium)
  2. gener-
    race, kind (generality, genus)
  3. grad-
    step (gradual, graduation)
  4. jur-
    right, law (jury)
  5. patr-
    father (patriarchal)
  6. sen-
    old man (senile)
  7. serv-
    slave (servitude)
  8. tempor-
    time (temporary)
  9. verb-
    word (verbatim)
  10. vir-
    man (virility, virile)
  11. ag-, act-, ig-
    do, act, drive (agent, action, exigent)
  12. capt-, cept-, -ceive
    take (capture, deception, receive)
  13. -ced, -ceed, cess-
    go (intercede, proceed, recession)
  14. -cid, cis-
    cut, kill (homicide, incision)
  15. dat-, dit-
    give (data, tradition)
  16. fac-, fact-, fect-
    make, do (facile, factory, infection)
  17. leg-, lect-
    read (legible, lecture)
  18. -mit, mitt-, miss-
    sent (remit, intermittent, mission)
  19. pon-, pos-, posi-
    place, put (opponent, posture, position)
  20. ven-, vent-
    come (intervene, convention)
  21. ab- a- abs-
    away, from (abject, avert, abstract)
  22. a- ad-*
    to, toward (admit, aspire, affix, arrogant)
  23. ambi-
    both, on both sides (ambidextrous)
  24. ante-
    before (antecedent)
  25. circum-
    around, about (circumference)
  26. co- com-*
    with, together, thoroughly (compare, co-opt, corrupt)
  27. contra-
    against (contraceptive)
  28. de-
    down, away from (deflect)
  29. dis- di- dif-
    apart, not (discern, digest, different)
  30. equi- equa-
    equal (equivalent, equal)
  31. ex- e- ef-
    out of, from, away from (expose, eject, effluent)
  32. extra-
    outside, beyond (extracellular)
  33. in- il- im- ir-
    "in, into, on"or "not, without" (inject vs. immediate)
  34. infra-
    below (infrared)
  35. inter-
    between, among (interject, intercede)
  36. intra-
    inside, within (intracellular)
  37. multi-
    many (multiply)
  38. non-
    not (nonsensical)
  39. ob- oc- of- op-
    toward, against, across (object, occur, offer, opposite)
  40. per-
    through, by, completely, to the bad (permit)
  41. post-
    after, behind (postdoctorate)
  42. pre-
    before, in front of (precede)
  43. pro-
    forward, for, on behalf of (project)
  44. re- red-
    back, again (redo, redemption)
  45. retro-
    backward (retrospect)
  46. se- sed-
    apart, without, aside (seduce, sedition)
  47. semi-
    half, partly (semi-circle)
  48. sub-*
    under, beneath, secret (subject, succinct, suffer, suggest, support, suspect)
  49. super-
    over, above, beyond (supervise)
  50. trans- tran- tra-
    across, over (transmit, traduce, tranquil)
  51. ultra-
    beyond (ultraviolet, ultra-soft)
  52. civ- cit-
    citizen (civil, city)
  53. clud- clus-
    to shut, close (exclusive, exclude)
  54. culp-
    fault, blame (culpable, exculpate)
  55. dem-
    people (democracy)
  56. domin-
    lord, master (dominate)
  57. duc- duct-
    to lead (abduct, seduce)
  58. homi- homin-
    human (homicide)
  59. imper- imperi-
    executive power (imperative, imperial)
  60. jur- juris-
    right, law (jury, jurisdiction)
  61. liber-
    free (liberal)
  62. loqu- locut-
    to say, speak (eloquence, locution)
  63. pell- pel- puls-
    to push, drive (pulse, repel, propeller)
  64. pol-
    city (polis, political)
  65. popul-
    people (popular)
  66. port- portat-
    to carry (deportation, transport)
  67. princip-
    foremost, leader (principle)
  68. quir- quis- quest-
    to ask, seek (quest, acquisition, require)
  69. reg-
    king (regal)
  70. rog- rogat-
    to ask, demand (abrogate, derogatory)
  71. scrib- script-
    to write (scribble, script)
  72. spir- spirat-
    to breath, blow (aspire, inspiration)
  73. test-
    witness (testify)
  74. tyran(n)-
    tyrant, sole ruler (tyranny)
  75. urb-
    city (urban)
  76. vert- vers-
    to turn (avert, conversion)
  77. vid- vis-
    to see (evidence, vision)
  78. vinc- vict-
    to conquer, win (invincible, eviction)
  79. volv- volut-
    to turn, roll (revolution, evolve)
  80. vulg-
    the common people (vulgar)
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