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  1. Messiah
    Messiah is the chosen or anointed one
  2. Apocalypse
    Apocalypse is one who looks to the end of the world
  3. Tanakh
    Tanakh are the Jewish scriptures
  4. Asceticim
    Asceticim is strick self denial and self disipline ex:Monks
  5. Mithras
    Mithras share rituals with christianity such as baptism, fasting, communal meal and sacrifice for humanity
  6. Paul
    Paul is often referred to as the co founder of christanity. Paul was schooled in Greek and Hebrew.
  7. Iconography
    Iconography is the literal and symbolic meaning of subject matter
  8. catacombs
    Catacombs are christian burial coffins often built under the cities
  9. Nave
    A nave is a long colonnaded central hall within a basilica.
  10. Transept
    The transept faces the east end of the church at the end f the nave and is rectangular in shape
  11. apse
    apse is half moon in shape located beyond the transept and always faces est towards Jerusilum
  12. Clerestory
    Clerestory are a row of windows at the top of the upper wall of the nave within the basilica. Light would enter through the windows and believed to be a representation of God.
  13. Constantine
    Constantine established and legalized christianity. He is also know as the 3rd founder of christianity. He was involved in compiling the christian bible.
  14. Dogma
    Dogma is the law of the religion, it what you believe.
  15. Justinian
    Justinian is an emperior and establishes the golden age of Byzantium.
  16. Pendentives
    Pendentives are triangular in shape & were added to the base of the dome shape structure to help form symmetry in a Byzantine church.
  17. Iconoclasm
    Iconoclasm also known as to break images; was a policy that forbid the making of any new icons and the distruction of what was already there.
  18. Muhammad
    Muhammad was born in Mecca (in modern day Saudi Arabia) and his parents died young so he was raised by his uncle. Muhammad was presented the Quran by God.
  19. Quran
    Quran means recite. The Quran is the holy book of Islam and broken into 114 chapters or suras.
  20. Caliph
    Caliph is the theocratic (political and spiritual thoughts) of Islam
  21. Sufism
    sufism is the practised purification of the soul and mystical union with God through meditation, fasting and prayer
  22. Hajj
    Hajj is a pilgrimage to Mecca to see the Kaaba and is required of every Muslim to partake in.
  23. Jihad
    Jihad means struggle. Jihad represents all aspects of the Muslim drive toward moral and religious perfection including the spread of Islam.
  24. Mosque
    Mosque is the officail Muslim place of worship.
  25. Mihrab
    Mihrab is located in a Mosque and is a niche in the wall marking the direction toward Mecca
  26. qibla
    qibla is a wall inside a mosque facing in the direction of Mecca
  27. Arabesque
    Arabesque is the geometric floral pattern in Islamic art.
  28. Calligraphy
    Calligraphy also known as beautiful writing used in Islamic art.
  29. Charlemagne
    Charlemagne also known as Charles the Great, he establishes Holy Roman Empire, he was the most influencial of the Middle Ages.
  30. Feudalism
    Feudalism is the relationship between the lord and vassel. Its dominates over the Middle Ages.
  31. Lord
    Lord was the superior one of the Medieval hierarchical system over a vassel
  32. Vassal
    Vassal serves the lord by fighting for him inexchange for fief.
  33. Serf
    Serfs are peasants living in mannors providing the lord with tax money in exchange for the use of the land and military protection.
  34. Chivalry
    Chivalry is a strict code of behavior that everyone had to follow in Feudal life.
  35. Chanson de geste
    Chanson de geste means song of the deed or song of a heroic deeds represented in Song of Roland.
  36. illuminated manuscript
    illuminated manuscript pages not only light up with the glimmer of the gold leaf in the candle but also enlightens the reader.
  37. Cloisonne
    cloisonne' is enamelwork produced by pouring molten colored glass between thin gold or silver partitions
  38. Niello
    Niello is a black sulfurous substance
  39. Vikings
    Vikings are Germanic raiders from Scandinvavia
  40. L'Anse aux Meadows
    L'Anse aux Meadows also known as Jellyfish Cove is the 1st European colony established in the "Americas".
  41. sacraments
    Sacramnets are rituals associated with mass and there are 7 of them; baptism, confirmation, ordination, marriage, confession, Eucharist, and final absolution.
  42. monasticism
    Monasticism is to be by yourself in the hills or country so you can focus and pray.
  43. William the Conqueror
    William the conqueror takes over England in 1066 and is the Duke of Normandy
  44. indulgences
    indulgences means that all your sins will be forgiven, its a get out of hell free card.
  45. primogeniture
    primogeniture is the 1st male born in the family and will take over the power (younger sons and daughters get nothing)
  46. relics
    relics are important body parts such as hair, nails, clothing ect. Relics are prized and treasured things brought back to the church
  47. heresy
    heresy means the revealed truths of the Christian faith.
  48. excommunication
    excommunication or kicked out of the church you can not receive sacraments so you dont have grace which means you cant go to heaven.
  49. guild
    guild means to regulate the community.
  50. battle of universals
    battle of universals
  51. thomas aquinas
    Thomas Aquinas is a frier thats says you must have faith and reason. He is a monk who lives among people and is educated.
  52. tympanum
    tympanum is the semicircular space within the arch of the protal and is represented as a raised relief.
  53. Gothic arch
    Gothic arch or pointed arch is more pointed and supports more weight than the earlier arches.
  54. flying buttress
    flying buttress are located on the exterior wall of a church to hold up or support the weight of the wall.
  55. gargoyle
    gargoyle are waterspouts in the form of grotesque figures located in the upper portion of the exterior of a cathedral.
  56. Tempera
    tempera is powdered pigment and they would add egg yoke (for a longer life) to the pigment and paint it onto the wood.
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