Lesson 59

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  1. ambience
    a surrounding or pervading atmosphere
  2. awry
    with a turn or twist to one side; away from the expected direction
  3. catacomb
    an underground tunnel or area with holes for graves
  4. consecrate
    to dedicate or to declare sacred
  5. demarcation
    a setting or marking of a boundary
  6. diorama
    a three-dimensional miniature scene with painted model figures
  7. exhume
    to dige something buried out of the earth; to revive after neglect
  8. failing (noun)
    a fault of defect
  9. forte
    a strong point of a person; that in which one excels
  10. icon
    a picture, image, or other representation
  11. inexorable
    relentless, cannot be persuaded to change one's course of action
  12. itinerary
    proposed route of a journey
  13. lineage
    line of descent or traditoin
  14. metaphysical
    highly abstract or abstruse; relating to what is conceived as transcendent
  15. noncombatant
    civilian, one not engaged in combat
  16. peal
    a loud ringing (usually of bells)
  17. phalanx
    a close arrangement of people or things
  18. pneumatic
    pertaining to gas or air
  19. propiniquity
    nearness; kinship
  20. remit
    to send or to transmit (usually money)
  21. rout
    to gouge out or to make a furrow in; to expel by force
  22. shrill
    high-pitched or piercing (sound)
  23. strife
    vigorous or bitter conflict, discord, or antagonism
  24. upshot
    outcome, final result
  25. voluptuous
    pleasurable to the senses, sensuous
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