Biology 331

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    ROSACEA Prunus subhirtella

    lvs: 1-2", tip acuminat, lower pubescent on veins

    fls: single or semi-double, extrafloral nectaries, 1/2" diameter
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    PINACEA Pinus nigra

    lvs: 2 needles per fasicle, 4-6" long, stiff

    cones: female yellowish brown, keel dif. color
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    RUTACEAE Skimmia japonica

    lvs: citrus scented, crowded at ends of branchlets (looks whorled, actually alt)

    fls: 4 parted, white and fragrant

    fruit: red berry on female plant
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    PINACEA Cedrus

    lvs: needle-like, thin and rigid, dense whorls 0.5-2.5" long on short shoots
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    APOCYNACEAE Vinca minor

    lvs: opp and decussate, simple, entire, elliptic to ovate

    fls: solitary, perfect, radial, corolla funnel-form, 5 lobed, lilac blue, pink, white
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    PINACEA Cedrus deodora

    lvs: densely fascicled on spurs, triangular, pointed, needles longer than other cedars

    cones: upright female, male cheetos
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    CORNACEAE Cornus mas

    lvs: 3-5 pairs of veins, long hairs on underside of lvs in vein axils

    fls: apetalous, bracts yellow, non showy
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    BUXACEAE Buxus sempervirens

    lvs: opp, entire, short petioled, leathery, many lvs slightly concave

    fls: small female fl in center surrounded by several male fls

    fruit: distinctive 3 horned capsule

    other: lvs smell like cat urine
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    ADOXACEAE Viburnum tinus

    lvs: opp, simple, entire, leathery (slightly wrinkled)

    • fls: infl-compound convex umbel
    • white or pinkish w/wine-red calyx

    fruit: ovoid metallic blue drupes

    other: bushy shrub w/red branchlets
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    OLEACEA Forsythia

    lvs: opp, simple (~3 leaflets)

    fls: appear b/f lvs
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    ADOXACEAE Viburnum x bodnantense

    lvs: opp, bronze when young

    fls: tubular, fused corolla, rich rose red to pink, age to white, fragrant
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    RUTACEAE Choisya ternata

    lvs: ternately compound, leaflets glossy, sessile, 2-3" long, strong smell when crushed

    fls: fragrant
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    ERICACEAE Rhododendron

    lvs: entire margin, often scales or hairs on lower side of leaf

    fls: umbel-like racemes, flowers are disc shaped, bell shaped, or funnel shaped

    other: fls bloom on previous yrs growth
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    ERICACEA Arbutus unedo

    lvs: elliptic to oblong, above lustrous dark green

    • fls: infl-panicles
    • fls w/corolla, urn-shaped, white

    fruit: berry, strawberry like ~2cm across (Unedo= I eat one)

    other: tree to 10m
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    AQUIFOLIACEAE Ilex aquifolium

    • lvs: undulate margin
    • variable spines, short petiole, leathery and shiny

    fls: 4 parted, white, imperfect, fragrant

    fruit: bright red fleshy drupe
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    AQUIFOLIACEAE Ilex cornuta

    lvs: 3 spined and broad at tip, oblong-rectangular, older lvs entire

    fls: 4 parted, white, imperfect

    fruit: bright red drube

    other: cornuta = horn shaped
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    LAMIACEAE Rosmarinus officinalis

    lvs: opp, simple, entire, sessile, narrow, revolute, lower white

    fls: violet blue

    other: evergreen shrub
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    THYMELAEACEAE Daphne laureola

    lvs: obovate, 5-8cm long, gradually narrows at base

    fls: yellowish green in winter
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    ERICACEAE Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

    lvs: entire, obtuse, slightly revolute, 0.5-0.75" long

    fls: small, nodding, pendulous, 5 fused petals, urn shaped, pink and white

    other: red stems, prostrate shrub, evergreen
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    THYMELAEACEAE Daphne odora

    lvs: entire, obovate, blundly pointed, varigated, only midrib conspicuous

    fls: infl-dense terminal heads, apetalous, calyx urn shaped to cylindric, calyx 4 lobed, rosy purple

    other: shrub 2-3ft, evergreen, fragrant
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    ROSACEA Oemleria cerasiformis

    lvs: alt, simple, entire, lvs narrowly oblong-lanceolate to oblanceolate, light greenish-yellow, smell like cucumber

    fruit: thin fleshed drupe
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    GROSSULARIACEAE Ribes sanguineum

    lvs: 3-5 lobed, palmate, palmately veined (usually with 5 main veins)

    fls: loose pendulous spike, red or pink fls

    other: deciduous twiggy shrub, hummingbird attractor
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    lvs: strong venation, both palmate and pinnate veins, margins sharply toothed, base cordate, lvs soft

    fls: spikes hanging from leaf axils, up to 20 fls per infl, light yellow

    fruit: woody capsules

    other: shrub or small tree to 15ft, flower b/f lvs
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    PINACEAE Pinus contorta

    lvs: 2 needles per fascicle, twisted, deep green, 1-2" long (mush shorter than P. nigra)

    cones: pointing back, ovoid to 2"
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    ARECACEAE Trachycarpus fortunei

    lvs: fan shaped, round but deeply lobed, extremely large (2-4ft!) leather, long petioles with teeth along margin

    fls: small, yellow in large hanging clusters

    fruit: fleshy drupe, looks like grape clusters

    other: unbranched trunk, fibrous hairs on trunk from persisting petioles
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