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  1. what are the four medial regions of the hypothalamus?
    • 1) Preoptic
    • 2) supraoptic
    • 3) Tuberal
    • 4) Mamillary
  2. What region divides the two halves of the hypothalamus?
    Periventricular zone
  3. what is the function of the medial preoptic region of the hypothalamus?
    GnRH releasing hormone to anterior pituitary
  4. function of lateral hypothalamic nucleus in Supraoptic region?
    Feeding, hunger
  5. 4 nuclei of the medial supraoptic region?
    • Paraventricular: oxytocin/ADH to Post. Pitu.
    • Anterior
    • Supraoptic: Oxytocin/ADH to Post. Pitu.
    • Suprachiasmatic: Circadian rhythms
  6. 3 nuclei of medial tuberal region of hypothalamus?
    • dorsomedial
    • ventromedial: Satiety
    • arcuate
  7. 2 nuclei of medial mammillary region of hypothalamus?
    • mammillary: conversion of short to long-term memory
    • Post. Hypothalamic:pain suppression w/ opiates
  8. four afferent hypothalamic fibers?
    • Fornix
    • Medial forebrain bundle (MFB)
    • Stria terminalis (amygdala)
    • Ventral amygdalafugal fibers (VAF)
  9. ascending efferents from hypothalamus?
    • Mammillothalamic tract (Thalamus)
    • Mammillotegmental tract (brainstem)
  10. Destination of mammillothalamic tract?
    Anterior thalamic nucleus
  11. descending efferents of hypothalamus?
    • Mammillotegmental tract
    • Post. longitudinal fasciculus
  12. Baroreceptor Reflex pathway:
    Visceral afferent detects BP change
    Signal to CN IX, X
    Signal to solitary nuclei
    Signal to hypothalamus
    signal to direct connections or reticulospinal system
    Parasympathetic: Dorsal motor nerve of vagus
    Sympathetic: spinal cord lateral horn (T1-T2)
  13. hypothalamic reflex functions
    • body temperature
    • water balance
    • blood pressure (baroreceptors)
  14. Caudolateral hypothalamus function
    • sympathetic
    • aggression
    • hunger
    • elevate body temperature
  15. Rostromedial hypothalamic function
    • Parasympathetic
    • Restful
    • Satiety
    • Drop body temperature
  16. Blood supply of hypothalamus?
    • Circle of willius
    • -Posterior cerebral (thalamoperforating branches)
    • - Posterior communicating (posteromedial branches)
    • -Anterior cerebral/Anterior communication (Anteromedial branches)
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