Soc Review 2-1

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  1. Tough Guise - Consequences?
    Young-men putting up a tough front, and those men becoming violent because they think that is part of being a man and is acceptable
  2. Tough Guise - Who suffers?
    Boys and young-men as well as the people that they effect
  3. Tough Guise - Who is responsible?
    The media
  4. Tough Guise - How do we fix it?
    Women need to reject the "bad boy" image, institutions (rich white men) who have put out the typical tough guy image need to be replaced, and we need to learn from the past
  5. Glass Ceilings
    Invisible barrier that prevents women and other minorities from moving into top corporate positions
  6. Motherhood Penalty
    Tendency for women with children to be disadvantaged in hiring and wages compared to women without children
  7. Occupational Sex Segregation
    Concentration of women in traditionally female occupations and men in others
  8. Glass Escalator Effect
    Tendency for men working in typically female occupations to benefit from their minority status
  9. Pink Collar Jobs
    Jobs that offer few benefits, often have low prestige, and are disproportionately occupied by women
  10. Why Sex Segregation Continues
    Cultural beliefs about what is appropriate, opportunity structures are different, and the price of motherhood
  11. Structured Choice
    Choices that are limited by the structure of society
  12. Income - Women vs. Men
    Women 77 cents to a man's $1
  13. US Maternity / Paternity Leave
    US has no national policy. In 1993 women were for the first time offered 12 weeks of unpaid job-protected leave. 5 states deviate from this and offer some sort of paid time off
  14. Why Gendered Wage Gap - Human Capital Hypothesis
    Pay differences in women's and men's levels of education, skills, training, and work experience
  15. Why Gendered Wage Gap - Devaluation Hypothesis
    Women are paid less because the work they perform is socially defined as less valuable
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