Soc Review 2-2

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  1. Unemployment
    Currently without employment, actively seeking employment, and available for employment
  2. Recession
    Significant decline in economic activity lasting at least 6 months
  3. Causes of Unemployment
    1. Lack of available jobs 2. Job Exportation: relocation of jobs to other countries where products can be produced more cheaply 3. Outsourcing: when businesses subcontract to third parties who supply business services 4. Automation: company using machines instead of people 5. Mass Layoffs: closings and downsizes 6. Increased global and domestic competition
  4. Underemployment
    Involuntary part-time, discouraged worker, or a high skilled worker in a low skilled job
  5. Long Term Unemployment Rate
    People out of work for 27 weeks or more
  6. Unpaid Work - Second Shift
    Household work or childcare, work parents do when they return home from their jobs
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