Psych and Theo test 4

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  1. In what ways can sexual intimacy within marriage lead a husband and wife toward God?
    -sexual desire mirrors our retless desire for God

    -entering into sexual intimacy is like joining God in creation

    -It reminds us that sex alone is incomplete, but is similar to the jooy and fulfilling sense that we get when we are one with God and one with each other
  2. Argue that God smiles when a husband and wife make love
    God created man and woman to enjoy sex, and to enjoy sex together.

    God not only loves His creation, but He loves when His children grow closer together and closer to Him
  3. In what ways can sexual desire and intimacy grow Christian character withint marriage?
    marriage procides a context that encourages spiritual growth by moving us to value character, virtue, and godliness over and against an idealized physical form.

    married sexuality helps us spiritually by shaping the priorities of what we hold in high esteem
  4. In what ways would Christian character contribute to great love-making within a marriage?
    First, it helps with divorce when we understand Paul saying that once youre divorced you can never have sex again without committed adultery

    Second, it gives us a reason to give ourselves as a gift to each other, even when we do not see ourselves as valuable because God sees us as valuable

    Third, Christians don't need to be ashamed or feel guilty about sex. its a gift from God which when used properly not only fosters a relationship with each other but also with God
  5. Argue that knowing God leads to a deeper understanding of self
    1. Our being is rooted in the purpose of God

    2. We are endowed with marvelous giufts from the hand of a great and beneficient creator

    3. We are not what we ought to be (humility and understanding). God is perfect

    4. Accordinf to the gospel, we are made partakers of the life and righteousnes
  6. What might be some indications that self-affirmation has become self-worship (or idolatry)?
    Attributing victories to self ability (taking the glory)

    Finding fulfillment in self
  7. How does glory connect to true Self-esteem?
    -Our happiness and esteem flow directly our of the Glory of God

    -It is in His esteem that we find esteem so that while God's glory is primary, it is not contrary to the well being, happiness, and glory of His children

    -God recieves glory in our well being
  8. Legalism
    Believing that obeying a moral code will earn you God's love and approval
  9. Why legalism?
    We don't have to trust as much because it is a "black and white" system

    Gives us more personal control

    (Mary poppins measuring tape)
  10. What are four ways in which Psychology might assume religious qualities?
    1. It heals

    2. Self psycholofy gives something to worship

    3. Counseling has similarities to confession

    4. Self-fulfillment as salvation
  11. From a human perspective, what are the functions of religion?

    -Moral Code (Strict life patterns

    -Survival Mechanism

    -Coping method

    -Brings healing
  12. In what ways can psychology be contradictory to Christianity?
    - relative morals

    -self fulfillment as self worship

    -humans as naturally good

    -psychological systems as salvation (if its doesnt work, just change the system!)
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