Soc Review 3-1

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  1. Health Disparity
    A population specific difference in health indicators. It is inequatable if it is associated with social disadvantage that puts an already disadvantaged group at further disadvantage
  2. Gender - Health Paradox
    Men experience more life threatening chronic disease, while women live longer but have more nonfatal acute chronic conditions
  3. Men and Women Life Expectancy
    Men = 75.1 Women = 80.2
  4. Heart Disease
    Similar for blacks and whites in 50s and 60s but 30% higher for blacks in 2000
  5. Cancer
    Blacks lower than whites in 50s but 30% higher in 2000
  6. Infant Mortality Rate
    Blacks/American Indians have highest rate, Whites/Asian Pacific Islanders/Hispanics have a low rate
  7. Theory of Cumulative Advantage
    People who begin their life with greater resources continue to have opportunities to accumulate more of them, while those others fall further behind
  8. Convergance Theory
    Old age is the great leveler, the gap between the rich and poor narrows with age
  9. Social Determinants of Health - SES
    Education, income, occupation, wealth
  10. Social Determinants of Health - Neighborhoods
    Safe access to sidewalks allows for exercise, access to fast food or healthy food, enviornmental toxins, and lead exposure in children
  11. Elderly Stereotypes
    Physicians biased stereotypes for elderly: complex health problems, chronic diseases, communication difficulties, and medicare regulations
  12. Psychosocial Factors
    Sense of control over life. Lower levels of control are associated with poor financial security. Mental health and physical health are often linked
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